Winter outings in Zwolle!


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The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping: it's winter! Of course you undertake different activities in the winter than in the summer, autumn or spring. During the winter period Zwolle transforms into a real paradise with all kinds of fun winter outings to do. Unfortunately, this winter is not all that great and there are many corona measures to take into account. But remember to always make the best of it!

Days out in the winter

It just so happens that in the winter you are inside more than in other seasons. It is cozy and warm inside, cold and chilly outside. Still, it is wise to get out of the house once in a while and get some fresh air. Go out for a day during the winter days!

Now that the country is once again in lockdown, City Walk 038 is back. After the last press conference the organization acted mega fast which resulted in two very nice routes: 'Walking to Christmas Eve' and 'Happy Holiday Walk'. Both routes are about 6 kilometers and lead you along the most beautiful spots of downtown Zwolle. The routes can be started between the indicated times and there is no starting or finishing point. During the route you pass all kinds of catering spots, in this way you support several nice restaurants in Zwolle.

The Sassenpoort in the winter](

You can continue to admire the sights in Zwolle during the lockdown. De Sassenpoort, Museum De Fundatie and the Archangel Michael are not going anywhere. The Sassenpoort has been there for more than five centuries, so time enough to go and admire it this winter in Zwolle!

Winter in Zwolle

Christmas simply means snow. Every year we hope for a white Christmas. How nice would it be if Zwolle is transformed into a white world?

Audiotours in Zwolle]( What may not be known to everyone is that there are a whole number of audiotours in Zwolle to listen to. In this way you will experience the city in a different way than before. Along the way you can enjoy a delicious chocomel or a gl├╝hwein to warm you up. There are many new audio tours that fit perfectly into the winter theme. You can walk the route using your smartphone. You need to download the app 'voicemap'. There are tours for young and old. Try for example with the kids "The pine tree that wanted to be big" or "Nemia - the girl without hands". But listen for yourself to 'The White Widow Ghost Tour' or 'The Bleeding Swan'.

Fun outings in the winter

Who says that winter is less fun than the other seasons? Winter is the season of fun, lights, candles, being together and more. In fact, in winter there is a lot to do. Inside and outside, for young and old!

Are you crazy about lights? Then follow the Lichtbeeldentour in Zwolle. Via the Thorbeckegracht you can walk to Theater de Spiegel and you will pass all kinds of light shows. Behold for example the 'Magic Colouring Balls' or the 'Little Golden Teddy'. If you cross the Pelserbrugje you are within no-time at the theater. Theater de Spiegel is fully illuminated at night. And that is for a reason. The motto is: a brighter future for the city, together. Of course in a responsible way with sustainable LED lighting.

Winter in Zwolle](

Don't feel like going outside and would rather stay inside? Then you can make it a real winter outing at home with one of the delicious delivery or takeaway meals from a Zwolle restaurant. For example, check out the menu at Bij Broeders or order a stew at Poppe Zwolle.

Out and about in the winter!

Do you really want to get out and about in the wintertime? Bed and Breakfast Het Wijdeland is the perfect place to stay in the winter. It is a small-scale vacation accommodation in the middle of nature, but also near Zwolle center. You can choose from two different accommodations, namely the Voorhuis and the Studio.

B&B Het Wijdeland in Zwolle](

The front part of the farm has been renovated and is now used as a cozy vacation home. This accommodation is suitable for a maximum of 7 persons and is fitted with all modern conveniences. Sociability is guaranteed here: the games box is well stocked and the fire around the round garden bench is ready to be lit. Are you travelling with a smaller group? Then you can comfortably spend the night in the studio.

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