The best winter walks

In the city center and the outskirts of Zwolle

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Many people tend to stay inside a lot in the winter. This is logical: inside it is warm, light and cozy. Outside it is cold, chilly and dark. Nevertheless, it is wise to take a walk outside once in a while. Find your walking shoes, dress warmly and make a nice winter walk in Zwolle.

Walking in the winter

Want to discover Zwolle in a healthy way? Then take a walk here. Walking in this Hanseatic city in winter time will provide many beautiful pictures. Admire historic buildings with a layer of ice or beautiful white landscapes. There is a lot of choice in walking routes around Zwolle. That's what makes it so much fun!

Are you easily bored during a walk? Then try one of the audiotours in Zwolle. The team of Zwolle Unlimited has been working hard to develop new and hip audio tours for young and old. A winter walk becomes much more interesting this way because you are in a story and don't have to just look in front of you. You can follow the audio tours via your smartphone. You need to download the app 'voicemap' for this purpose. Audio tours for children are for example 'The Girl Without Hands' or 'The Pine Tree that Wanted to be Big'. For the older audience there are audio tours such as 'The White Widow Ghost Tour' or 'The Bleeding Swan'.

Zwolle in the evening
Zwolle in the evening

Zwolle was once declared the 'greenest city in Europe'. You can find in this historic city therefore many pleasant parks where you can stroll through. First admire the beautiful city center and then enjoy a relaxing moment in one of the parks. The largest park in Zwolle is Park de Wezenlanden. From the center you can easily reach this green spot. There are often events organized here, but this is mostly in the warmer seasons. A winter walk in this park is a good idea! Or visit Park Het Engelse Werk. This park is located a little further from the city center, but has beautiful nature. The English Work alternates with forests, a water catchment area and the forelands of the IJssel.

Walking in Zwolle

Walking is good for many aspects of your body. It improves your condition, it is good for your bones and it strengthens your muscles. Moreover, walking is good for your mind. It provides relaxation and this in turn has positive effects on your body.

Luck of the draw! Now that the country is back in lockdown, City Walk 038 is back from the past. That means you can once again enjoy delicious walks while enjoying tasty snacks and drinks. This time the route is about 6 kilometers and again it leads you along very nice places in Zwolle. You can start the walk between the indicated times and there is no start or end point. This prevents group formation.

Light sculpture route in Zwolle
Light sculpture route in Zwolle

Another walking tour in Zwolle, especially for the winter days is the Lichtbeeldentour. As the name suggests, you pass all kinds of light shows. Admire for example the 'Little Golden Teddy' or the 'Bethlehem Stars'. There are two different routes to follow. Route one starts at the Grote Kerk, the second route starts at De Librije. The map can be found here online, but should you prefer to view the route on paper, they can be picked up at het Zwolse Balletjeshuis, Van der Velde in de Broeren and Bilderberg Grand Hotel Wientjes.

Don't live near Zwolle? But would you like to come walking in this Hanseatic city? Then book an overnight stay. Zwolle has a lot of possibilities for a nice stay. Do you like to stay in the center of Zwolle, then Pillows Grand hotel ter Borch is very suitable. This beautiful hotel is located between the center and the train station. Moreover, the boutique hotel has a sauna. So you can warm up after a fresh winter walk. Do you like it a little more outside to stay? Then book the studio or the front house of B&B Het Wijdeland. After your walk along the landscapes outside Zwolle, you can spend the rest of the day in the cozy farmhouse. Dine for hours or end the day outside around a crackling fire.

Pillows Grand hotel ter Borch
Pillows Grand hotel ter Borch

Nice walks in Zwolle

Outside the possibilities for winter walks, there are also a number of walking routes that can be walked all year round. For example, the Hanseatic city walk. Through this route you will pass all the historical highlights of the city, such as the Sassenpoort, centuries-old canal houses and numerous other monuments. Want to see more of the nature in Overijssel? Then choose the Vechtdalpad. This beautiful long-distance footpath starts in Zwolle and shows aspects about the origin of the Vechtdal. Are you a fanatical hiker? Then try the so-called Rondje Zwolle. This hike of no less than 45 kilometers leads you through the outskirts of Zwolle. Start at het Engelse Werk, walk along the IJssel with a stop at the Wijthmenerplas. Eventually you will come to the beautiful Vecht.

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