Delicious beers from Zwolle breweries

Zwolle beers

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Did you know that Zwolle has its own beers? A delicious cold Zwolle beer brewed in their own city, it doesn't get any better than that! Discover the breweries of Zwolle.

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    Like all Hanseatic cities, Zwolle has a rich tradition of brewing beer, which came to a halt in the 19th century when the industrial revolution led to the establishment of large Pils breweries. It wasn't until the late 1990s that the tradition was revived. In 2015, Bohemean took its first steps on the beer path by heading to a brewery in Zwolle. It's not a foregone conclusion, but 2019 is the year: Zwölsch and the other Bohemean beers will be brewed in Zwols Brouwtheater.

    Order a delicious Zwolle beer and pick it up at the brewery.

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    LOK Bier

    LOK produces various beer styles in Zwolle in a traditional manner. For this LOK uses as much as possible local and regional products. Think of our own yeast, malt from the region and hops from our own cultivation. The beer assortment consists of a number of seasonal beers such as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In addition, specials are brewed from time to time in the form of "Limiteds". LOK Tripel and LOK Holy Shi (Quadruple and winner of the silver medal Dutch Beer Challenge 2020) are fixed values in the assortment.

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    Axes Castellum

    The Axes Castellum monastery beers are brewed at the Dominican Monastery in Zwolle. Besides having delicious beers, from a blonde beer to a tripel to a delicious IPA, you can also drop by their tasting room! In the tasting room you can experience in one room how the beers are developed, what ingredients are used, but especially what experience they put into the beer.

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    Hettinga Beer is brewed in Zwolle in a traditional way with vitalized water. Vitalized water has a positive influence on the taste and quality of the beer. In 2009 they were chosen as the hero of taste for the province of Overijssel for brewing regional beers.

    They brew their beer in an authentic way, that is, with purely natural ingredients, without filtration and pasteurization. All our beers ferment in the bottle which gives them a full and round taste.

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    Den Duiyk

    Two friends, one passion for beer and brewing since 2015. In their small brewery with two kettles, they experiment with different grains, hops, yeast and sometimes an exceptional ingredient. Eventually they arrive at a final recipe, mainly by trying out and tasting a lot. With patience and love brewed to a refined special beer.

    A beer tasting on location? These two friends can also arrange that for you!

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