Nice shopping streets in Zwolle

Let's go shopping!

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Have you planned a day of shopping in Zwolle? Good idea! From popular clothing brands to the cutest boutiques: you can find the best clothing stores in Zwolle. We have made a list of nice shopping streets in Zwolle that you shouldn't miss!

The place to be: the Diezerstraat

The shopping street of Zwolle is without a doubt the Diezerstraat. Here you will find all the popular brands, such as H&M, Douglas and Zara. This is guaranteed to be a shopping success! But don't focus too much on these big chains, because in the side streets of the Diezerstraat there are many hidden gems. You will find the cute little stores Zus in the Broerenstraat and Moonloft in the Spoelstraat. Zus is known for its completely pink decor and original offerings, including pink coffee and special gifts.

Another address on the Diezerstraat that you should not skip during a day of shopping in Zwolle is IJssalon Salute. This award-winning ice cream parlor is located on the corner of the Diezerstraat.

The Sassenstraat

The Sassenstraat is rightfully high on this list, because this shopping street in Zwolle is in the top 10 most enjoyable shopping streets in the Netherlands! The shopping street owes its popularity to all the fun, unique stores that can be found here. If you like cozy boutiques and trendy stores with vintage clothing, this is the place to be. Be sure to check out Sassy, Villa Mooi and JOJO & Millows.

Oh, and it may not be a store, but the Sassenpoort is also worth a visit during a day of shopping in Zwolle. This special monument is in the top 100 of the Dutch Unesco monument list and is the figurehead of Zwolle!

Sassy Zwolle
Sassy Zwolle

Versatile choice on the Luttekestraat

The Luttekestraat is one of the shopping streets in Zwolle that makes this Hanseatic city such a good shopping destination. Everyone can find here a store that suits his or her clothing style. From cute budget summer dresses to chic, tailored suits: you can find it all here! Some favorites in the Luttekestraat are Widaro and River Woods.

Are you ready for a short break after all that shopping? Then order a delicious cup of coffee at Espressobar Maling! In this shopping street in Zwolle you will also find the popular Bagels & Beans, where you can have a delicious breakfast and lunch. The perfect start of your shopping session in Zwolle!

Oude Vismarkt, Grote Markt and Melkmarkt

Shopping in Zwolle
Shopping in Zwolle

The Oude Vismarkt is an atmospheric shopping street, where you can find unique stores, such as Mode Theater Zwolle. If you want to reward yourself with a nice lunch, you can also sit here very cozy. The Chocolate Company is a real favorite among the people of Zwolle. You can also walk a little further to the Grote Markt, where you can sit down on a cozy terrace.

Around the Grote Markt there are also a number of nice shopping streets. Stroll for example to the Grote Kerkplein, where you will find the Zwolse Balletjeshuis. For the sweet tooth among us, this store is a true heaven on earth, because here you have a lot of choice from traditional old Dutch candy.

The Melkmarkt, located between the Grote Markt and the Rodetorenplein, also has some nice shopspots. Søstrene Grene and Primark, for example, are popular addresses in this shopping street.

Het Eiland

Het Eiland (The Island) is also a really nice shopping street in Zwolle that you should not skip. From the cutest gadgets to trendy clothing: you will find it here! Appel & Ei and Dille & Kamille are real must-visits here. If you walk a little further, towards Achter de Broeren, you will find the unique bookstore Van der Velde in de Broeren. A bookstore like this you are guaranteed to have never seen before!

Shopping in Zwolle is therefore a guaranteed success! Every Sunday in Zwolle is a shopping Sunday, so also then you can stroll through these nice shopping streets in Zwolle. Which shopping street in Zwolle is your favorite?

Shopping in Zwolle
Shopping in Zwolle

City trip Zwolle

Hanseatic city Zwolle is also the perfect city for a city break in your own country! For example, extend your shopping session with a day of culture sniffing and stay in a hotel in Zwolle. This way you really get the chance to visit all must-visits in Zwolle and discover this special city completely!

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