The nicest squares in Zwolle


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Zwolle is a Hanseatic city with a rich history. If you walk through Zwolle, you will find this long history in many beautiful buildings with nice details, the many stories about the ancient city and on the nicest squares in Zwolle. These squares are the ideal place to take a break from your walk, have a drink and admire all the beauty around you!


Nowadays Gasthuisplein is a square with nice terraces that, when the sun is shining, are filled with coziness. For example, you'll find Wine Bar Oak on this square, which also hosts the 'The Land of Oak'. Or pay a visit to Cafe de Gezelligheid. Yet Gasthuis Square has not always served as a hospitality venue. The name of the square is derived from the Heilige Geest-Gasthuis, which was founded here back in 1302. The Heilige Geest-Gasthuis was a place where the poor and sick were given shelter and/or food. Later it served as an old people's home and nowadays it is home to the Lekker Zwols Café. In addition, the square has had many other functions, including being a transfer station for urban transport from 1959. In short: it is a square full of stories and definitely worth a visit!

New Market

On the Nieuwe Markt there is always something to do. You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, sleep and even enjoy a facial or massage! You can have lunch at this square at Bar & Brood, Brasserie Jansen or Bistro Bonne Femme. Delicious dining is possible at UNO or Ingeburgerd. Also, Brass Boer Thuis is located on the Nieuwe Markt. This is the second restaurant in Zwolle run by star chef Jonnie Boer and his wife Thérèse. The other restaurant they manage is de Librije, which has been awarded three Michelin stars.

Bar and Bread on the Nieuwe Markt in Zwolle
Bar and Bread on the Nieuwe Markt in Zwolle

Grote Markt

The Grote Markt is considered the heart of the center and also one of the oldest parts of the city, the history of this square goes back centuries. Although there are still gems of monumental buildings on this square intact, a lot has changed over the years in this square. In the middle of the square stands the glass statue of the Archangel Michael, also known as the patron saint of Zwolle. Because the square is so centrally located, it is often used on holidays or events, for example on Koningsdag. Since the last few years, more and more stores on the square have been exchanged for catering establishments. You will find, among others, Stadscafé Blij, In Den Hoofdwacht and Engel Winkelcafé.

Bethlehem Church Square

In Bethlehem Church Square you will find, not entirely surprisingly, the old Bethlehem Church. This was once the chapel of Zwolle's first Augustinian monastery. During the great city fire of 1324 the Bethlehem church was spared. As a result, there are beautiful wall remains. Today the church is home to one of the best sushi restaurants in Zwolle: Blue Sakura. There are also many other very nice restaurants and cafes around the Bethlehemkerkplein. For example Het Refter with more than 200 special beers or the top restaurant Bij Broeders.


This square is less known than the above squares in Zwolle. On the square stood the former Broerenklooster, with an accompanying Broerenkerkhof. On the Broerenkerkhof the poor citizens of Zwolle, soldiers, criminals who were put to death and people who succumbed to the plague were buried. During the 18th and 19th centuries the building served as military storage and horse stable. Over the years, really only the monastery remained; nothing of the cemetery was recognizable anymore. From 1993 to 2015 the star restaurant De Librije was located in the building, the square around it provided parking.


Meerminne Square got its name from the names of the houses. For example, there is a house on the Oude Vismarkt called 'De Salm', but also on the Vispoortenplas (around the corner from the Meerminneplein) there was a house called 'De Meermin'. On the Meerminne Square you will find the cozy eatery De Gillende Keukenmeiden. They use only organic and local products for the tastiest healthy dishes. Also here is De Buurman located where you can get the freshest products, which are produced in a sustainable way. And super convenient: on this square is a guarded bicycle parking. So you do not have to worry that your bike is gone after a night out in the city.

Blue Bayou on the Rodetorenplein in Zwolle](


From the Rodetorenplein you have a beautiful view over the city canal. You'll also find Blue Bayou here in the summer, giving you a real vacation feeling. The Rodetorenplein is also suitable as a base for sporting events. Examples of events that take place here are the City Swim, Entry of Sinterklaas, Zwolse Grachtenrace and Zomerkermis. The name comes from the Red Tower, this was a city gate and part of the city defenses.

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