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Hanseatic city Zwolle is an excellent destination for a city trip. During your visit to Zwolle there are a number of places you should not miss, such as the famous Peperbus, a bookstore in a church, Librije's Winkel to buy the most delicious jams or dressings or the old city gate of the city. These must-visits in Zwolle will make your city break complete.


The Peppermill

From the distance, you can already see the Peperbus rising above the city. Zwolle residents are "home again" as soon as they see their city's iconic tower. The tower was built in the 15th and 16th centuries and it is 75 meters high. Because the roof of the tower burned down in 1815, a copper dome replaced it in 1828. This is where the tower got its name from: Peperbus. You can climb the Peperbus to the first corridor, at a height of 51 meters. This is equivalent to 236 steps.

Museum de Fundatie

In the center of Zwolle you will find Museum de Fundatie. Because of the striking appearance of the building, the museum immediately stands out. Indeed, your attention is immediately drawn to 'the Cloud' that was put on the building in 2013. Also what can be seen on the inside will catch your attention. The museum has a collection of visual arts from the late Middle Ages to the present. In addition to a permanent collection, you can see new exhibitions every three months. Tip: in 2021 the museum can be visited free of charge every Saturday evening!

Museum de Fundatie
Museum de Fundatie

Velde in de Broeren

Van der Velde in de Broeren: a bookstore, brasserie and exhibition space in one. Van der Velde in de Broeren. is located in the Broerenkerk. With a large assortment of books and magazines, you can hardly go home empty-handed. Don't really need anything? Even then it is a must to take a look, just for the experience. On the third floor of the church there is a regular exhibition, so don't miss that either. Are you ready for something tasty after your visit? Then take a seat in the brasserie.

Librije's Shop

When you think of Zwolle, you think of De Librije. Eating at the Librije is a unique experience. The food prepared by professional chefs and the wine carefully selected, guests experience an unforgettable visit to the Librije. But with the huge waiting list, you have to be patient before you taste it for yourself. Since 2005, Librije's Shop has been established and you can buy jelly, jam or dressing, for example, as served at the Librije. You can also buy wines and other drinks here. And what about a cookbook in which you learn all about the working methods of chef Jonnie Boer? Also nice as a gift!

The Sassenpoort

The Sassenpoort was the city gate of Zwolle in the city wall. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the city gate was built as part of Zwolle's defenses. The Sassenpoort has been in the top 100 of Dutch Monuments since 1990. Nowadays you can visit the Sassenpoort during opening hours and hear all kinds of stories about the past during a guided tour. Not only is it interesting, but the Sassenpoort is also a beautiful monument.

De Sassenpoort
De Sassenpoort

The city wall of Zwolle

Just read that the Sassenpoort is part of the city wall. But also in other places in the city you can see remnants of the city wall. The first wall was built before 1300, but in the 14th century a new wall was built because the first one sank. In total, no less than 23 towers were built in the wall. Today, only three of these remain: the Zwanentoren, the Wijndragerstoren and the Pelsertoren. In the Wijndragerstoren there is now a beer pub, namely Het Beugeltje. In the Pelsertoren you can now find a bed & breakfast with luxury suites. But also the beautiful and authentic exteriors of the towers are worth a visit.

Glazen Engel

On the Grote Markt in Zwolle stands a striking statue, namely the Glass Angel. The sculpture consists of no less than 350 layers of glass, each one centimeter thick. The Glass Angel stands for Archangel Michael, the patron saint of Zwolle. According to a legend, the archangel is said to have protected Zwolle from an attack by a dragon. When the sun shines, the statue colors up by the sunlight, making it even more beautiful.

Glass Angel (photo: Lidy Uiterwijk)](

The Great or St. Michael's Church

The Great or St. Michael's Church is located on the Grote Markt, opposite the Glass Angel. The church gets its name from Archangel Michael, which the Glass Angel stands for. That's why you see a statue of the angel on the roof of the church. Step inside the church and feast your eyes. Your eye will soon be drawn to the enormous Schnitger organ. But you can also admire the pulpit. During a guided tour you will learn everything about the church.

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