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Take a lovely walk through the beautiful city center with its green parks and romantically lit alleys and squares. Combine all the beauty during a unique audiotour in Zwolle, such as a midwinter ghost tour, a puzzle tour or a route with ancient fairy tales marked by our beautiful light images!


Audio tours for young and old!

Winter in Zwolle: the light displays, the historical backdrop of the centuries-old Hanseatic city, the extensive range of stores, with both the well-known national chains and many small specialty stores and unique shops, the many atmospheric squares with warm and cozy cafes and restaurants...

Even though everything is different this winter, fortunately also much remains the same. In addition to these fixed values of Zwolle as an attractive city for a day out, this winter we take you along in moving, but also spooky fairy tales and legends. Via theatrical audio tours you can safely experience the city very differently with your children, friends, family or alone.

New audio tours in winter 2021

This winter you will experience numerous special audio tours through Zwolle. In this corona period, festival platform Zwolle Unlimited has focused on producing theatrical storytelling tours that you can walk through using your cell phone. You can choose from a variety of fun audio tours for young and old.

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Read on for a description of each audio tour in Zwolle. For almost all audiotours you need the app 'Voicemap', you can download it for free in your appstore or playstore on your phone.


The pine tree that wanted to be big (4-12 years) - available through January 10

The young pine tree is trying very hard to grow so that it will be as big as the giant firs around it. But why are the firs being cut down? Where do they go? This route is marked by atmospheric light displays with which local entrepreneurs have decorated the squares and streets.

Nemia - The girl without hands (4-10 years)

Audio tour Zwolle]( 'The girl without hands' is an exciting fairy tale walk in which you have to solve various riddles. The girl without hands is an adaptation of the fairy tale by Grimm. An ugly witch, a mean stepfather, a prince who becomes king, a fairy and of course the girl play the roles in this story. Despite being a suspenseful story, it does have a peaceful ending.

De Witte Wieven Ghost Tour (adults and 12+)

The White Widows Ghost Tour offers a cool route combining audio and video. It is a contemporary adaptation of an ancient Germanic legend about the white bitches, the misty women who emerge from the mist and do evil things. Get carried away past historic locations and enjoy this radio play by dozens of actors, combined with music and singing and scenes on video.

Spooktacular tour in Zwolle](

The Bleeding Swan Sculpture Route (adults and 12+)

A young, poor knight wants to "serve the highest" and "help the weak" but must make unimaginable sacrifices to do so. He travels after the bleeding swan, which has flown away to the high castle behind the forest. This route is marked by a series of atmospheric light images.

Midwinter ghost tour (adults and 12+)

Audio tour Zwolle]( This audio route is a combination of creepy and horror and takes place along the frayed edges of the inner city. Admire dark alleys, scary garages and sudden noises. Whispering in your ears, the audio narrator leads you around, but even the narrator is sometimes pushed aside. Who is the victim here?

Get to know Zwolle during these audio tours!

Besides the impressive new audio tours, you can also get to know Zwolle through the existing audio tours. Get to know the culture and history of the Hanseatic city of Zwolle while walking an interesting route.

Along the banks of the river Aa

Learn all about Zwolle through historical stories, told along the old river bed of the Aa, which flowed through the city centre. During this audio tour you will also use illustrations.

From Opgezwolle to now

Visit the holygrounds where the members of the famous hip hop formation Opgezwolle started their lives as rappers and listen to new tracks by the new generation of rappers, written especially for this tour.

Hanseatic city of Zwolle in the winter](

Who is Thomas?

Born in the fourteenth century, but one of the greatest influencers of all time. In 'Who is Thomas' you will learn about him and the context of Thomas' history. Thomas a Kempis is author of the world's most widely read book after the Bible, and he wrote it in Zwolle.

My monument, your monument

This audio tour takes you along the remains of the fortified town that Zwolle was in the Middle Ages. Admire parts of the old city wall and the unique Sassenpoort! You'll hear stories about the tangible and intangible heritage of the city.

Free time in Zwolle

This tour takes you to special places in the city that have to do with freedom and accessibility. The route has been made fully accessible for people with and without disabilities. There are three versions, for people with a physical disability, a visual disability or an auditory disability, which of course is then no longer an audio tour.

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