Districts in Zwolle

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Zwolle is the place where everyone can feel at home. The diverse neighborhoods in Zwolle accommodate students, entrepreneurs, the elderly, families, starters and everyone in between and beyond. Every neighborhood has its own charm. We tell you all about it!

Center area of Zwolle

The center of Zwolle is the beating heart of the city. A unique range of stores, restaurants with talented chefs, inspiring museums, vibrant cafes: it's all here. It is therefore the place to catch up with friends, expand your cultural knowledge and dance the night away to the finest tunes. This makes the center a vibrant place to live.

Museum de Fundatie is one of the highlights in Zwolle's downtown area. Admire the museum's extensive collection of art. The Peperbus is also a highlight. In summer, the center lends itself to the perfect summer day on the water. [Rent a boat]](locationgroup://43147 "Rent a boat") and discover Zwolle from the water. And that just around the corner from your home!



Between the center and the train station is Assendorp, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Zwolle. Assendorp is in demand. We understand why. Cozy, lively, welcoming and authentic. That's how Assendorp is described. And then we haven't even mentioned all the activities organized by the neighborhood residents.

The beating heart of Assendorp is Assendorperplein. Special beer festivals, live music, Koningsdag, Sinterklaasintocht or any other event: you'll find it on Assendorperplein. Meet friends, get to know new people or enjoy yourself in your own bubble.

On Assendorperplein you will also find De Enk, a multifunctional center. For an affordable and delicious meal, this is the place to be. Local residents meet regularly in De Enk for a reason.


Holtenbroek is an upcoming neighborhood in Zwolle. More and more people are discovering the charms of the neighborhood. Within a few minutes you are already in the city center. But also in the neighborhood itself you can have a good time.

The neighborhood has everything: a shopping center, a beautiful park and a neighborhood farm. Park de Hogenkamp is the perfect place for a picnic, a nice walk or a great festival. Neighborhood farm De Klooienberg is a farm where children and adults learn all about animals and farm life. For your shopping or a new piece of clothing, you can go right to Shopping Center Holtenbroek.

![Petting Farm]](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/259470-1679306480/C680X310/Kinderboerderij+Zwolle.jpg)


One of the youngest neighborhoods in Zwolle is Stadshagen. Also, the neighborhood is sustainable: you will find numerous sustainable houses in Stadshagen. Especially families have lost their hearts to the vibrant neighborhood. This is not surprising, because for children there are plenty of facilities. You will find many schools and nice playgrounds where the kids can let off steam. But also for adults there is plenty to do.

In Stadshagen you will lack nothing. For shopping and conviviality you can visit Winkelcentrum Stadshagen, a modern shopping center. In summer you can cool off at the Milligerplas, a recreational area with a lake where you can swim and sunbathe. Isn't it warm enough for a dip? Then it's the perfect place for a nice walk. The beach pavilion welcomes you for a snack and drink. Discover all that Stadshagen has to offer.


Many more beautiful neighborhoods in Zwolle

There is much more than the center, Assendorp, Holtenbroek and Stadshagen. Also the Aa-landen, Berkum, Diezerpoort, Spoolde and Veerallee are all neighborhoods in Zwolle. Discover the peaceful parks in Spoolde and Berkum, admire the beautiful houses in Veerallee or go wild in the shopping center in Diezerpoort. In short: every neighborhood really has its own charm. And you get to discover it all!

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