The best workplaces in Zwolle

Bring your laptop and get to work!

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Want to work outside the office? This is possible at various locations in Zwolle! Take your laptop and settle down in a cozy coffee shop or find the peace and quiet in a green city park. We have listed the best places to work in Zwolle.

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    Van der Valk Hotel Zwolle

    Working outdoors in a stylish location is something you do at the Van der Valk Hotel Zwolle. It is a good place for business meetings, other appointments or just to work in peace and quiet. Start your day with a good breakfast, for example, and you'll be ready to go! But also for snacks you are in the right place. Take a seat in the restaurant, the lobby or other places in the hotel. Moreover, you can benefit from fast and free Wi-Fi.

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    Stadspark in Zwolle

    An inspirational place to spend a summer working day is of course a green city park! With birds singing in the background your day will fly by. The advantage of Zwolle is that there are several city parks. Choose for example for Park het Engelse Werk. Flop down on a rug or sit down in Restaurant Het Engelse Werk, overlooking the river IJssel. Park de Wezenlanden is also a beautiful and spacious city park. You will find this park adjacent to the historic center. When the weather is less clement you take your place in Park Pavilion de Wezenlanden. Here you can order typical Spanish snacks and drinks!

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    The Chocolate Company

    The Chocolate Company in Zwolle is ideal to work for a few hours. Because of its central location in the middle of Zwolle you can reach it perfectly. Even in the summer it's a great place to be because of the air conditioning: very handy with all that chocolate! Order a strawberry choco smoothie or hotchocspoon, which is a delicious mug of chocolate with a spoonful of white, milk or dark chocolate. Who wouldn't want to work while enjoying sweet treats?

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    Stadkamer Zwolle

    The library of Zwolle is the Stadkamer. This is where the worlds of information, language, art and culture come together. You can find the Stadkamer at various locations in Zwolle, including the Zeven Alleetjes. This main location overlooks the canal of Zwolle! Take a seat in the library or in the library café. This is also the perfect place for a fresh breakfast, lunch and other snacks. An additional advantage of the Stadkamer is that you can borrow/read relevant books at the same time.

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    Anne&Max Zwolle can be called the living room of Zwolle! For a cozy and quiet workplace you are here at the right place. Work comfortably in the garden room with warm colors and nice background music. In the meantime, drink a delicious cappuccino, prepared by a trained barista! Or choose for delicious cookies, chocolate and other treats. You will find Anne&Max in the center, a stone's throw from De Sassenpoort.

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    Barista Café Zwolle

    If you are looking for the place for your work meeting or work session, pay a visit to Barista Café Zwolle. This cozy coffee shop is not only a place for a drink, but above all a meeting place. Choose from cozy seats in a homely environment. The friendly staff makes sure you can work perfectly. Tip: don't miss the delicious coffees, healthy smoothies and homemade pastries. You will find Barista Café Zwolle in the Diezerstraat.

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    Van der Velde in de Broeren

    This special bookshop is located in the Broerenkerk in the heart of Zwolle. But for a nice work session, this is also the place to be. Van der Velde in de Broeren has its own brasserie: Smaak In de Broeren. Enjoy a cup of coffee or traditional pastry and get to work! Upstairs in the church you will find the Leeshemel Café. From a comfortable chair, under the beautiful ceiling of the church, you can work in peace.

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