Oosterenk: circular living-working area in green context


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Another project that fits in with Zwolle's experimental profile is Oosterenk, an area around the ISALA hospital, which is now primarily known as a shopping centre area; a place where every Zwolle inhabitant comes, but no one stays. However, this location offers enough potential to ensure that every resident of Zwolle is happy to come and stay. After all, the area borders on a green nature reserve and offers a lot of employment opportunities; the perfect conditions for an attractive residential climate, provided the right adjustments are made. A vision has been created for the area which includes the possibility of realizing a healthy, green and strong district of approximately 800/1000 homes. The redevelopment of the district is in the theme of sustainability: reuse of materials, climate proof building and energy efficient offices. In order to be attractive to knowledge workers, pioneers and students, it is important that the new residential area is well positioned with a recognizable identity that is clearly expressed both in the appearance of the homes and in the public area.

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