Spoorzone: new dynamics in the inner city


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In the railroad zone in Zwolle, homes of all shapes and sizes, businesses, offices, startups, education, culture and recreation are all coming together in a surprisingly dynamic way. businesses, offices, startups, education, culture and recreation all come together in a surprisingly dynamic way. The Spoorzone forms a bridge between two landscapes: on the one hand, the IJssel River with its overwhelming nature and, on the other hand, the urban landscape of the historic inner city. This combination of urbanity and nature makes the place an attractive residential location. The lively Spoorzone offers a lot of potential for original and innovative housing and the plan is to build three to four thousand more in the coming years. Old offices are being developed into homes, experiments are taking place with shared gardens, student residences with shared facilities, and experiments in e- gency and cooperation between investors and housing cooperatives are taking place. The Spoorzone offers housing for all target groups who like the high-rise urban environment. In addition to the increase in the supply of housing in the Spoorzone, accessibility in this zone is also increasing. In 2019, the bus station was moved to the other side of the station and a new climate-proof bicycle shelter was realized at the front of the station in late 2020. In the coming years, the accessibility in the railroad zone will increase even more due to additional connections for slow traffic. A footbridge across the railroad will be built to improve the connection with the inner city and to make the railroad zone more attractive and accessible for pedestrians. In short: an easily accessible and attractive top location to create space for knowledge workers, pioneers and students!

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