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Sporting recommendations!

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In Zwolle you have a wide choice of sports facilities. Also if you are looking for special sports, you are in the right place in Zwolle. Enjoy yourself on trampolines, rent an e-chopper with your friends or get the adventurer in you in a climbing hall! Sporty in Zwolle? Check out the sports below!


Padel: a new and fast growing sport in The Netherlands. You can play this new racket sport at PadelZwolle. You can take padel lessons, but you can also book a padel court. This gives you the opportunity to see if this sport is for you! The main difference with tennis is that the padel court is surrounded by glass walls and a fence. We highly recommend you to try this sport!

Wall Climbing

Are you a real adventurer and not afraid of heights? Then go wall climbing! Climbing & Outdoor Centre Yosemite is the place in Zwolle where you can practice this special sport. You can climb independently on the amazing climbing wall or participate in various trainings and courses!

Climbing- & Outdoorcenter Yosemite](


Another, increasingly popular, branch within the climbing sport is bouldering. The big difference with wall climbing is that with bouldering you are not supported by ropes. On the other hand, it is a very safe sport, as there are always thick fall mats under the climbing walls and the walls are no more than 4 metres high. Boulderhal Roest has 10 circuits, each with its own level. This way you can try out this awesome sport at your own leisure!

Krazy Kangaroo Zwolle

Krazy Kangaroo Zwolle is the place to bring out the child in you. Release all your energy on the trampolines or take part in one of the activities such as Krazy Fit, where you do a full body workout on the trampolines.

Krazy Kangaroo Zwolle](


Looking for a fun sport in the open air? Visit Golfclub Zwolle! From beginners to advanced players, everyone is welcome to play a round here. Golfclub Zwolle has various facilities. You can play as a guest player, but you can also apply for a membership or book a golf lesson! Another golf-alternative, which is at least as much fun, is playing golf at GlowGolf Zwolle. This glow-in-the-dark mini-golf course is highly recommended for a fun activity with your friends or family.

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Rent an electric bike

How much fun is it to explore the surroundings of Zwolle by (electric) bike! At [Gait Rigter](location://23294 ") you can rent an electric bike, tandem and normal bike for a small price. Find a nice bicycle route, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and you'll be sporting as well!

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