King's Day Zwolle 2024

Orange above!

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April 27 is the birthday of our King Willem-Alexander. Of course, we will not let this special day just pass by: time for celebration! King's Day 2024 Zwolle should therefore be marked in your calendar. Below you can read about the best activities on Koningsdag in Zwolle.

King's Day 2024 will be a big party again, also in Zwolle! From live music and festivals to the traditional dress markets: this festive day is filled with activities. Get your orange suit out of the closet, because this is the best place to celebrate Koningsdag Zwolle!

Swaddling markets Zwolle

King's Day 2024 Zwolle is of course not complete without visiting a flea market. Stroll along all the small stands and browse among all the nice stuff. Who knows, you might find a real gem among them! Or maybe it's time to clean out your closet, storage room or attic? Then go stand on one of the flea markets with a rug. That way you are in the middle of the fun of Koningsdag in Zwolle and this is your chance to empty your overflowing closet!

On King's Day in Zwolle there are several markets to find. Among others in the Diezerstraat and on the Pretmarkt in the Ter Pelkwijkpark there are dress markets to find in Zwolle on King's Day. Also on the Herfterplein in the Wipstrik it is a big party in the morning of Koningsdag. There are several activities organized here as well!

Live music on King's Day Zwolle

Of course there is also a lot of fun things to do on the Melkmarkt in Zwolle on Koningsdag. From 12:00 it will be big party here on King's Day in Zwolle. There will be a large stage here, where you can listen to live music.

Kings's Day Zwolle](

Furthermore, on King's Day 2024 Zwolle there will also be plenty to do in Assendorp. For example, from 09:00 to 12:00 you will find here a children's free market, in the afternoon the Plein Artist competition and the rest of the day is filled with activities and performances by various bands. Everything you need for a pleasant King's Day in Zwolle!

Kingdance Zwolle

Want to celebrate King's Day really well? Kingdance Zwolle is the place to be! This is one of the biggest dance festivals on King's Day in the Netherlands and it promises to be an amazing party. This year even 2 days on April 26 and 27. Kingdance will take place again this year at the Wijthmenerplas in Zwolle. Through the website of Kingdance Zwolle you can buy tickets. That will be a successful Koningsdag 2024 in Zwolle!

Kingdance Zwolle
Kingdance Zwolle

King's Night 2024 Zwolle

To celebrate the birthday of our king as best as possible, there will be a double celebration in Zwolle! So Zwolle also celebrates Koningsnacht and in the evening and night of April 26 there is already plenty to do on the Melkmarkt, among other places! The evening will be filled with live music by various artists, including a DJ. Feet of the floor!

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