The most beautiful streets of Zwolle

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The Hanseatic city of Zwolle is known for its medieval center, where centuries-old mansions, facades and the characteristic city wall draw the street scene. In every street you will find a new, special detail. You will not get bored here! We reveal a few of the most beautiful streets in Zwolle.

The Papenstraat

Let's start right away with one of the cutest streets in Zwolle.... That is without a doubt the Papenstraat. In this narrow street you will find authentic houses, built close together. Not only a nice street to walk through, but also to make a instagrammable picture! Tip: walk along the ''Poortje van cele'' and admire the ancient buildings.


The Thorbeckegracht is a real must-visit when you are in Zwolle. The large number of national monuments, the parts of the ancient city wall and the beautiful canal make this beautiful street in Zwolle so special. But also the history of the Thorbeckegracht makes this street worth a visit. Did you know that this street is named after Johan Rudolph Thorbecke? This is a statesman born in Zwolle who has meant a lot for parliamentary democracy in the Netherlands. And if you're in this street anyway, a visit to Bookstore Van der Velde in de Broeren should not be missed!


Kromme Jak

When you walk down the street Kromme Jak, it feels like you are in the Middle Ages. Kromme Jak is one of the oldest streets in Zwolle! The refurbished houses in this picturesque street all have special and authentic details. You can find this beautiful street in Zwolle right behind Museum De Fundatie. If you walk a little further, you can see the special buildings in the Luttekestraat. This street has a slightly less cozy feel than the above streets, but is just as fun to walk through! You will find here the most special buildings, such as a pharmacy in Renaissance style.

The Sassenstraat

The popular Sassenstraat is a particular favorite among shopaholics, but this street is also highly recommended for culture snobs. The Sassenpoort is the real eyecatcher of this beautiful street in Zwolle. This striking monument was built around 1409 and was part of the city defenses. Nowadays the city gate is a real figurehead of Zwolle and this monument flaunts on the list of Dutch UNESCO monuments. Furthermore, the Sassenstraat has a number of beautiful medieval buildings, where you can find nice boutiques.

The Sassenpoort](


Another cute little street in Zwolle that deserves a spot on this list is the Goudsteeg. You can find this atmospheric little street behind the Sassenstraat. When walking through this alley, you should stop for the Huis met de Hoofden and Galerie Het Langhuis. The House with the Heads is a Gothic house built in the 15th century. Noble families used to live here, today this special building is equipped with apartments. Gallery Het Langhuis is also really worth a visit. This exhibition space is located in a monumental building and gives stage to beautiful, visual art.

Short Breath Lane

Grote Markt Zwolle
Grote Markt Zwolle

Not only the street itself, but also the meaning of this street name is very special. For the meaning of this street name we have to go back in time about 250 years. Around the year 1800 the death penalty was still enforced in the Netherlands, also in Zwolle. Those who were sentenced to death had to spend 8 days in prison under the former town hall in Zwolle prior to execution.

When the prison sentence was served, the condemned person was taken via the Korte Ademhalingssteeg to the Grote Markt. This was the final place where the execution of the sentence would take place. The name of this street could be associated with, for example, a shortness of breath due to the agitation of the convict. For you can imagine that the convicts felt anything but at ease.

Want to learn all the history behind these beautiful streets in Zwolle? Then take a city walk with a guide or download apps like "Walk the City" or IZI travel. That way you'll learn all the ins and outs about your favorite Hanseatic city!

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