Fun activities in Zwolle

Here you will not be bored for a moment!

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Ready for a day out? Then choose one of the fun activities in Zwolle! Visit Museum de Fundatie, go shopping or take a boat trip through the canals of Zwolle. Also for children and group activities Zwolle is the place to be!

Fun activities in Zwolle!

Sailing in Zwolle
Sailing in Zwolle

One of the most popular activities in Zwolle is of course shopping! Stroll through cozy streets such as the Diezerstraat, Sassenstraat, Luttekestraat and Oude Vismarkt. In between, relax on a nice terrace on the Grote Markt overlooking the Grote of St. Michaëlskerk with the Glazen Engel in front of it. Want to discover Zwolle from the water? Then choose a fun activity on the water of Zwolle's canals. For example, go supping, canoeing or boat sailing in Zwolle. You can do this at Hiawatha Actief or Botenverhuur Schoone. Along the way, don't forget to stop for a refreshing drink at Café 't Beugeltje or an ice cream at Ice Cream Parlor Salute. You can find this on the characteristic Thorbeckegracht, near the Broerenkerk with a real bookstore inside. Van der Velde in de Broeren is definitely worth a visit.

Lovers of culture and history are also well served in the center of Zwolle. Visit for example the prestigious Museum de Fundatie with its unique "cloud". Here you will find many interesting exhibitions of visual arts. From this museum you can walk through the city park on the Potgietersingel to The Sassenpoort. This former city gate is not to be missed. Another fun activity in Zwolle is visiting the Herman Brood Museum & Experience. Here you can see a broad collection of art and works of Herman Brood. In addition, collector's items from fans are regularly shown. Or climb the imposing Peperbustoren. From this 75 meter high clock tower you have a beautiful view over Zwolle!

Activities around Zwolle

Also outside the center you can find plenty of cool activities. A fun activity around Zwolle is walking. Stroll through Park het Engelse Werk or the Vreugderijkerwaard. The latter is a beautiful river landscape full of special plants and birds. Don't forget your boots! For cycling enthusiasts there are also fun activities around Zwolle. For example, cycle "[Rondje Zwolle](route://584 ")", this route takes you through varied landscapes around Zwolle. Or choose a nice bicycle route on the IJsseldijk towards Kampen or Wijhe.

Cycling in Zwolle
Cycling in Zwolle

On a sunny day, a visit to the beach should not be missed. Relax on the beach of the Wijthmenerplas. Order a drink at the kiosk or go water skiing at Lakeside Zwolle. The Agnietenplas and Milligerplas are also ideal for a refreshing dip in the water. Looking for a cultural activity around Zwolle? Then pay a visit to the Anton Pieck Museum and the Bakery Museum in Hattem.

Group activities in Zwolle

Zwolle is also the place to be for group activities! For example, go have fun together picnicking in Zwolle. This can be done in one of the many green parks in Zwolle, such as the Ter Pelkwijkpark or Park de Wezenlanden. A fun group activity in Zwolle is a city walk. There are several routes through the center of the city. Choose an organized walk, such as a literary walk, a natural history walk or an art walk. That way you will get to know everything about the Hanseatic city of Zwolle. Or just go on your own leisure walk in Zwolle!

Need a group activity in Zwolle with extra excitement? Then do an escape room with your family or friends at The Great Escape. Choose for example for The Lost Package, where you and your detective team find out where all the valuable packages are. Or step into The Courtroom where you experience your own court case. For fun group activities in Zwolle in the open air go to Buitensport Zwolle. Here you experience sporty outings, such as mountain biking, kayaking and archery.

Fun activities for kids in Zwolle

Are you going on a day out with children in Zwolle? Even then you won't have to get bored for a moment with the many children's activities in Zwolle. For example, the kids will have a great time in the Bonami SpelComputer Museum. This is a unique interactive museum with collectors items, all kinds of special games and merchandise products. In addition, the children and you yourself can play in the large arcade. Or spend a day among the dinosaurs in Dinoland Zwolle! Here you can learn everything about these prehistoric animals. Go mini-golfing, laser gaming or climbing in this educational amusement park.

Monkey Town Zwolle
Monkey Town Zwolle

Other children's activities in Zwolle include visiting indoor playgrounds, ideal for when it rains. For example, you can choose from Djambo Kidsplay, Krazy Kangaroo Zwolle and Monkey Town Zwolle. At Krazy Kangaroo the kids can have fun on trampolines all day. So for young and old, you're in the right place in Zwolle!

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