7 hotspots for a breakfast in Zwolle

Start the day off right!

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Looking for a nice place to breakfast in Zwolle? There are plenty of hotspots where you can enjoy a well-deserved breakfast. A good start of the day is half the work!

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    De Gillende Keukenmeiden

    For a homemade breakfast, you've come to the right place at De Gillende Keukenmeiden. Choose the most delicious sandwiches. The seasonal vegetables, dairy and meat products are purchased from organic entrepreneurs, how nice is that? In addition to sandwiches, you will find numerous delicious cakes. Choose for example for a vegan cake or a cake without added sugars. When the weather is nice you can sit outside, with your feet in the grass and a view of the Thorbeckegracht. No time for a full breakfast? Then get some goodies at the take-away.

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    Lots & More

    Are you looking for a unique breakfast? Then plan a visit to Lots & More! Enjoy an organic yogurt bar, smoothies and other homemade sweets. In addition, you can choose from healthy salads, sandwiches and organic lemonades. Or choose a surprising latte special! Lots & More is located at the famous Sassenpoort in the historic center of Zwolle.

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    Lisa’s Deli

    Right in the heart of Assendorp you'll find Lisa's Deli. It is the place to be for a hot cup of coffee, take-away breakfasts and daily shopping. Be welcome in a beautiful building, ideal for lovers of antiques and vintage. Lisa's Deli offers a vegetarian/vegan menu with different quality products each season. Be surprised by this breakfast hotspot in Zwolle!

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    Chocolate Company

    At the Chocolate Company Zwolle you will find the most delicious sweets for your breakfast. Choose for example for a brownie bar, croissant with chocolate or hot chocolate with "hotchocspoon". This is a spoon with milk, dark or white chocolate. Of course there are other breakfast options besides chocolate, such as a banana bread toast, granola bowl or fresh salads. The Chocolate Company Zwolle is also ideally suited for a healthy smoothie.

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    Engel Winkelcafé

    Shopping and enjoying a breakfast? Then pay a visit to Engel Winkelcafé. While you wait for your fresh breakfast, browse through the creative goodies. Each item has its own nice story. Come along on the terrace, inside or take a breakfast with you! You can find the Engel Winkelcafé on the Grote Markt in Zwolle. It is the ideal start of your day shopping or sniffing culture in this Hanseatic city.

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    Everyday Bread & Coffee

    Everyday Bread & Coffee is the perfect place for a delicious and natural sandwich. The bakers take the time to prepare the most delicious bread for you. Each loaf is hand-folded, making it unique! Besides versatile natural sourdough breads, you'll find fresh butter cookies, American brownies, (sugar-free) muffins, blondies, amazing cakes and vegan products. Everyday Bread & Coffee can be found both in the city center and in Assendorp.

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    Brasserie het Vliegerhuys

    For an exclusive breakfast choose Brasserie het Vliegerhuys. This stylish restaurant is located on the Nieuwstraat in Zwolle. Take advantage of a high-quality breakfast, such as farmer's curd with fresh fruit and homemade granola, banana oatmeal pancakes or a sandwich with smoked beef loin carpaccio. For big eaters, a breakfast menu is ideal, with a croissant, sandwich with sweet or savory fillings, a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. What a treat!

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