Round trip Zwolle

Learn all about the Hanseatic city's rich history!

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During a round trip in Zwolle you will discover the Hanseatic city from the water. And the nice thing is that during a canal cruise you only have to relax and enjoy yourself, because the skipper does the work. So sit back and relax during the canal cruise in Zwolle.

Canal cruise on Zwolle

Zwolle has beautiful canals. For example, walk along the Thorbeckegracht. The national monuments, parts of the ancient city wall and the beautiful canal make this beautiful street in Zwolle special and definitely worth a visit.

Discover more beautiful places of Zwolle from the water with a canal cruise on the canals of Zwolle. During a canal cruise Zwolle you sail along beautiful old elements of the city and experience the coziness of the city from the water.

A round trip on the canals of Zwolle can be done with Rondvaart Zwolle. You start at the Eekwal. Then you sail on the Old Willemsvaart. Beautiful places you sail past are Museum de Fundatie, De Sassenpoort, the Courthouse, Theater de Spiegel, Hedon, de Peperbus and much more. One thing is certain: after this tour of Zwolle, you will have learned many new things about the Hanseatic city.

Also, Boat Rental Schoone organizes a canal cruise Zwolle. Experience the friendly atmosphere of Zwolle during this canal cruise and discover everything about the old center through the stories of one of the guides. The guides know everything about the Hanseatic city and can't wait to convey this during a beautiful canal cruise.

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Round trip Zwolle with Hiawatha

One of the organizations that organizes a canal cruise Zwolle is Hiawatha Actief. Hiawatha organizes all kinds of outings and rents out boats in Zwolle, among other things. The luxurious and comfortable sloop called Blauwvinger takes you through the attractive city canals of Zwolle. Meanwhile, the skipper tells unique facts about the history of Zwolle. During this canal cruise in Zwolle you will get to know the Hanseatic city very well. The cruise through the canals of Zwolle takes about an hour. Want to be sure of a spot on the boat? Then book in advance.

Would you like to discover Zwolle from the water, but maybe looking for something else than a canal cruise? Then you can also rent a boat in Zwolle yourself. Are you looking for something active? Then rent a sup-board! Or invite your friends for a trip on a barbecue boat from Hiawatha.

Can it all get a little crazier? Experience a spectacle on the water and go dragon boating. The helmsman keeps the boat on course and the drummer sets the rhythm, while the 16-person crew paddles to go the fastest. Good teamwork creates strength and speed. Fantastic team building!

Canal cruise IJssel near Zwolle


Although Zwolle is not directly on the IJssel, Zwolle is located in the IJsseldelta region. The National Landscape IJsseldelta contains a number of Hanseatic cities, which still show the medieval trading past. An area therefore with a rich history, but also with beautiful landscapes.

Zwolle center lies on the Zwarte Water and is connected to the IJssel via the Zwolle-IJsselkanaal canal. The IJssel is no less than 127 kilometers long. If you walk through Park Het Engelse Werk, you have a wide view of the IJssel from the side of the park. Especially the sunset can make this a beautiful sight.

Would you like to discover the IJssel from the water? Then choose a canal cruise on the IJssel near Zwolle. For family days, company outings or any other occasion, you can book a bus tour and round trip on the IJssel at SW Tours, for example.

Combine a round trip with a barbecue

What could be better than bobbing on the water on a sunny day and combining that with good food? In Zwolle it is possible! Rent a BBQ donut from Hiawatha and admire all the beauty of Zwolle while also enjoying the tastiest burgers.

You steer the BBQ boat yourself so there is no skipper. This makes it different from a traditional canal cruise. During a canal cruise there is a skipper on board and also a city guide who can tell you everything about the city. The staff of Hiawatha will gladly give you all kinds of tips about nice routes so you can still see all the important sights in Zwolle.

Round trip through Zwolle's canals](

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