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Zwolle Unlimited: the festival platform in Zwolle that organizes the coolest events together with other organizers. With its festivals Zwolle Unlimited wants to open worlds and connect people. Which festival have you been to or would you like to go to?

What is Zwolle Unlimited?

Zwolle Unlimited is a festival platform in the Hanseatic city of Zwolle. With its festivals Zwolle Unlimited wants to open worlds and connect people. Feel what it means to be human at the festivals of Zwolle Unlimited.

Throughout the year Zwolle Unlimited organises all sorts of festivals in Zwolle, from performing arts festivals in the city to performances at schools and everything in between and outside. Zwolle Unlimited organises these festivals together with other organisers in Zwolle. These combinations provide the best results for you to enjoy.

Zwolle Unlimited festival

Besides being an events agency, Zwolle Unlimited was always the name of a festival. Zwolle Unlimited festival was a big party that focused on the wealth of Zwolle. Nowadays, the name of the Zwolle Unlimited festival has changed to Festival Het Tussenland and Festival Nemia.

Zwolle Unlimited
Zwolle Unlimited

Zwolle Unlimited program

The Zwolle Unlimited program is incredibly versatile. As Zwolle Unlimited itself writes on its website: 'From performing arts festivals and cultural education festivals to a production festival for young theater makers and musicians, pop-up performances in the neighbourhoods and at schools and a festival organised by and for children.'

Festival Het Tussenland

You may have heard of it yourself: Festival Het Tussenland. Festival Het Tussenland took place in 2022 on the same weekend as Festival Nemia. This ensured that the center of Zwolle was transformed into a large festival area. The city was buzzing and people were happy.

At Festival Het Tussenland, the wealth of Zwolle is central. Listen to stories about the rich history of the Hanseatic city and enjoy the music and art of Zwolle artists.

Festival Nemia

Just like Festival Het Tussenland, Festival Nemia is incredibly accessible. Festival Nemia is specially designed for children. All kinds of activities take place on the playground and there are plenty of goodies to snack on. The parents stay behind at the Parent's Dump, so that the children can do their thing and the parents enjoy themselves as well.

Festival Nemia
Festival Nemia

World Famous Stories Festival

During the World Famous Stories Festival you will walk a route through Zwolle while listening to wonderful stories. Theater makers and artists from Zwolle have given world-famous stories a new and modern twist. There is a special children's route for the little ones and music lovers can choose the special musical route. There is also a theater route for adults.

Haunted Tour

Are you looking for excitement and adventure? Then the Spooktacular organized by Zwolle Unlimited is just the thing for you! Get carried away by the audio tour and walk through dark alleys and all sorts of exciting places. Oh no, what do you hear there? Run!

Audio Tours

Do you want to get to know Zwolle, but don't feel like reading all those information books? Then an audio tour from Zwolle Unlimited is for you! For example, learn all about the Peperbus](event://101713 "Peperbus") and all kinds of monuments that have remained from the Middle Ages. Or learn all about one of the most influential people in the history of Zwolle: Thomas a Kempis. Which audio tour of Zwolle Unlimited would you like to follow?

I TOON on the Sidewalk

Together with storytellers from Production House De Verhalenboot, Zwolle Unlimited organizes the event Ik TOON op de Stoep. The young storytellers and Zwolle musicians take place in the cart behind a tractor and drive around the Hanseatic city. Straw bales form the grandstand where the audience can sit. The cart behind the tractor forms the stage from which the storytellers share their stories and music with the people of Zwolle.

And much more!

Besides the above events, Zwolle Unlimited organizes many more events. The organisation does this in cooperation with all kinds of other Zwolle organisers. These include educational institutions, production house De Verhalenboot, the hospitality industry and more.

Which event would you like to visit?

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