Deposit cup at events


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As little waste as possible on the streets after events in the city, that is what we are working towards in Zwolle. For that we need you as a visitor! That's why we use a deposit cup at street events such as Koningsnacht and Day, and Liberation Day in the city center.

How does the deposit cup work?

  1. For €1.00 per cup, you purchase a cup(s) at the bar when getting your first round or drink. A pitcher costs €5.00 deposit.

Return the cup(s) each time you go to get another round or drink. These will be rinsed and reused.

  1. Are you going home? Then return your cup to the bar and receive €1.00 per cup back.

Important: You can redeem your cup and pitcher for the deposit, but you can also donate your deposit to the Ronald McDonald Huis Zwolle.

Help! Lost my cup

Have you lost your cup? Pay €1.00 for a new one at the bar.

What should I do if I get tired of my cup or leave?

Then return your cup to the bar or to a drop-off point. This way the cups can be reused or recycled and we all ensure a clean public space.

Why this return system?

Plastic waste is harmful to the environment. With this deposit system, we ensure a sustainable environment and a cleaner city.

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