Discover Zwolle from the water

Go supping, canoeing or sailing

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What could be better than spending a hot summer day on the water? Go for a round of supping, rent a canoe or enter the BBQ boat with your friends. The Zwolle canals are perfect for discovering Zwolle from the water.

Suppen through the canals of Zwolle

Suppen through the canals of Zwolle is something you must have done once. Sup stands for Stand Up Paddling. You stand on a supboard which you move forward with a long paddle. The canals of Zwolle are perfect for a round of sup. In about 1.5 hours you will make a tour on the canals.

You can start at different places in Zwolle. For example rent a supboard at Hiawatha Actief for 1,5 or 2,5 hours. You can also rent a supboard at the Blue Bayou Zwolle. Blue Bayou Zwolle regularly organizes activities such as a Friday Night SUP, where you and a group of people explore the Zwolle canals on a supboard on a Friday night.

Canoeing in Zwolle

Canoeing in Zwolle is a great idea as a team outing, with your group of friends, with your partner or just on your own. Canoe over the canals of Zwolle or choose a different route and go into nature. Canoe rental companies can often tell you all about the different routes. Sail a relaxing route or test your endurance and follow a challenging route.

You can rent a canoe at Kanovaren Zwolle. The staff will be happy to help you plan a route. Kanovaren Zwolle rents out connectable canoes, Canadian canoes and sit-on-top canoes. Fancy an adventure? You can also rent materials to build a raft, so round up your friends and build a raft together that you can sail on.

Canoeing in Zwolle](

BBQ-boat rental with your friends

Sun + barbecue + friends = a golden combination. Rent a BBQ boat with your friends and experience an unforgettable day together. You can hire the boat at Hiawatha Actief in Zwolle. Choose to bring your own food and drinks or have this provided for you and your group by Hiawatha Actief. If you choose to have food and drinks provided, cutlery, glassware, barbecue utensils, etc. will also be provided. Saves you and your company from having to carry these around.

Rent a boat at De Hofvlietvilla

Brasserie De Hofvlietvilla has a lovely terrace where you can have lunch, drinks and dinner. On a hot summer day you can easily combine your visit to De Hofvlietvilla with renting a luxury sloop. During the summer months, De Hofvlietvilla rents out luxury sloops so that their guests can experience Zwolle from the water. To make the experience complete, book an additional package. For example, book the savory package, where you can enjoy delicious savory snacks. Or book the sweet arrangement.

For groups De Hofvlietvilla also offers a high tea package. First discover Zwolle from the water with a canoe or supboard. Then settle down on the terrace of De Hofvlietvilla for an extensive high tea. The staff have prepared all kinds of delicacies for you and all you have to do is enjoy.

Ordering a drink at 't Beugeltje from the water

While you are floating around on the canals of Zwolle, you might need a drink. Look for 't Beugeltje, because there you order a drink from the water. Moor your boat (or canoe/supboard) at the docks near the cafe. Then order a cold drink from the staff. The staff welcomes you with open arms on the terrace.

't Beugeltje aan de Thorbeckegracht
't Beugeltje aan de Thorbeckegracht


Zwolle has much more than its beautiful canals. On the outskirts of Zwolle you will find the Wijthmenerplas, a popular recreational lake among many Zwolle residents. But people who do not live in Zwolle also like to visit the Wijthmenerplas. On a hot summer day it is the perfect place to cool down. Lay down your towel in the sand or on the grass and grab a nice book.

Feeling adventurous? Visit Lakeside Zwolle. Lakeside Zwolle is a cable park where you can wakeboard and water ski. You can also rent a sup here! Besides all kinds of water activities, you can also do activities on land. How about a GPS-tour, archery or a game of beach volleyball? Or just take a seat in the beach club. Order your favorite cocktail with a snack.

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