Dynamic Hanseatic City


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We celebrate life!

Welcome to Zwolle! Bustling Hanseatic city where life is celebrated in our historic downtown. A city populated by creative students, inventive entrepreneurs and stubborn freethinkers. Here we believe that life gets better together. Within the old city walls you will discover a multitude of cultural and culinary offerings. Countless festivals, the culinary top of the Netherlands, high-profile exhibitions, the finest bookstore in the country, all to be discovered with the medieval backdrop of old Zwolle.

Successful together!

Besides enjoying together, we also like to do business together here. Zwolle's sharing economy dates back to the Middle Ages. From the Hanseatic League we worked closely together with international cities. That brought us great prosperity. Today we are still the economic TOP region of the Netherlands. The intensive cooperation between business and education, together with the good accessibility makes the Zwolle Region a very powerful, future-oriented environment for business and students. The business model of the Zwolle Region is brilliant in its simplicity: we grant each other trade and help each other out!

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