What to do on Ascension

10 x outings during Ascension

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Many people are free during Ascension Day. Therefore, Ascension is the ideal time to get away from it all. With your partner, group of friends, children or on your own. Experience qualitytime with whom and in the way you like. We wrote a top 10 of fun things to do on Ascension Day.

10. Weekend getaway

Most people are off on Ascension Day. By taking the day off the following day, you have a nice long weekend off. This is the ideal time for a city trip. During a city trip, you discover a new place in a few days.

How about a citytrip to Zwolle? Walking, shopping, eating, visiting cultural hotspots and good company: the ingredients of a successful city trip in Zwolle.

9. Festivals during Ascension Day

Many Dutch people gather during Ascension Day on a nice festival. Enough time to party, but fortunately also enough time to vomit during such a long weekend off.

8. Museum

Museum de Fundatie](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/139357-1571822671/C200X200/Museum+de+Fundatie%2C+Zwolle%2C+foto+Lars+van+den+Brink+low-res.jpeg) Are you a museum lover? Then Zwolle is the place to be. As a Hanseatic city rich in history and culture, Zwolle has some real gems of museums and galleries. Perhaps the most visited museum is Museum de Fundatie. This museum can be recognized by its unusual roof.

Several luminaries of the visual arts can be admired at Museum de Fundatie. Think of various art objects, including paintings by Van Gogh, Picasso and Mondrian, for example. Besides the permanent collection of this museum, a few times a year a changing exhibition is organized here. Are you still not done with it after Ascension? Then just come back again!

7. High wine

Round up your friends, girlfriends or family members and experience an unforgettable evening together during a high wine. At a high wine, different wines are served with matching appetizers. Basically just like a high tea, but the tea is replaced by wine. Not a bad swap, right?

6. City walk

During a city walk, you discover a city while having a nice stroll around. Discover during a city walk in Zwolle what the vibrant city has to offer. Walk the culinary walking route and taste the city's tastiest snacks. Or follow a walking route via an app and pass by all the historical places of Zwolle. Whichever city walk you follow, you will get to know the city in a new way.

City walk](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/252910-1670254234/C680X310/Zwolle---herfst2022--MarketingOost---Gijs-Versteeg-16.jpg)


Dive into the deep end while visiting a swimming pool. Who doesn't get happy with some water fun? Take the kids, for example, to De Vrolijkheid in Zwolle. The recreational pool has plenty of cool extras, such as a slide, whirlpools and diving boards. For the little ones, the paddling pool is ideal because of the wonderful water temperature of 31°Celcius.

4. Dinoland

Dinoland](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/114375-1524502372/C200X200/Dinoland.1.JPG)Take the kids on a voyage of discovery at Dinoland! Explore life-size dinosaurs together and learn all about them. At Dinoland you combine discovery, learning and active play. Children from 2 to 14 years old will feast their eyes. Both inside and outside there is plenty to experience.

For example, test your knowledge with the Dino treasure hunt and discover all the dinosaurs scattered around the park. Play in the indoor arcade full of play equipment and interactive games, eat a snack in the restaurant, dig out a dinoskeleton, explore in the Paleolab, climb the climbing course, play a game of miniature golf or have fun in the playground! Sounds promising, right?

3. Rent a boat

Ascension Day in 2023 falls on Thursday, May 18. Temperatures rise and the first rays of sunshine reappear. Embrace the weather and rent a boat in Zwolle. Why renting a boat is a good idea? You discover a historic city from the water and therefore see completely different things than during a city walk, for example.

Enjoy the peace and quiet on the canals, behold the amazing architecture and make a stop for a snack or drink. You can choose to explore the center and surrounding neighborhoods, but you can also rent a boat in Zwolle and sail a longer distance. Beautiful places like Dalfsen, Ommen and Hasselt are also in the immediate vicinity of Zwolle.

2. Cinema

Cinema](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/134555-1562054118/C200X200/PatheZwolle_Zaal6a.jpg) Is the weather forecast not good enough to rent a boat? Then settle down in a cinema hall for a good (or not so good) movie. There are several options for a movie night in Zwolle. For example, visit Pathé. Or go for something different and visit Filmtheater Fraterhuis.

Filmtheater Fraterhuis is, thanks to its small scale, a special cinema in the center of Zwolle. Choose one of the public films or artistic films and with a big bowl of popcorn on your lap you are provided with a relaxing evening.

1. Karting

Are you a real karting enthusiast or adrenaline junkie and want to drive safely? Then go-karting is for you! In karting you compete against each other in the so-called karts and you must complete the track as fast as possible. In Zwolle you can find several kart tracks, both indoor and outdoor, namely Kobalt and Kartcentrum Zwolle.


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