Breakfast in Zwolle

If you really want to start your day well, you should go and have breakfast in Zwolle! Fresh croissants, American pancakes and of course a nice cup of coffee: you can have breakfast in Zwolle at the following places.

Breakfast in Zwolle

Whether you are a real Zwolle inhabitant or just planning a visit to Zwolle, set your alarm clock a little earlier and go have breakfast in Zwolle! Every morning a peanut butter sandwich or a bowl of yoghurt is so boring. That's why we've listed the best places for breakfast in Zwolle for you. Go and have breakfast in Zwolle and start your day off right!

A new, but already popular breakfast spot in Zwolle is the Douwe Egberts Café at the Grote Markt. You can go here for a nice cup of coffee, but a breakfast is also recommended! The breakfast board is an example of why having breakfast in Zwolle is such a good idea. Next to the Douwe Egberts Café you will also find Engel Winkelcafé. You can have breakfast in Zwolle from 08:00 hours. In the summer you can enjoy your breakfast on the terrace of Engel Winkelcafé. Furthermore, Bagels & Beans is also a popular place, where you score a breakfast. Besides the wide range of bagels, you can also order fresh smoothies and different varieties of yoghurt. For a healthy and delicious breakfast in Zwolle, this is the place to be!

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Luxury breakfasts in Zwolle

They don't say breakfast is the most important meal of the day for nothing, reason enough for a nice breakfast in Zwolle. Bij Hartje Zwolle is perfect for the people who can look at a menu for hours and still do not know what they want to order. From Tuesday to Sunday you can go here from 10 to 12 hours for a delicious, diverse breakfast. Think of croissants, red velvet pancakes, bagels and a yoghurt, delicious!

You can also have a nice breakfast in Zwolle at Villa Suikerberg. In the weekend you can choose your favorite breakfast from the unique breakfast menu. The rest of the week there are delicious sandwiches served here from 11 am. Is the sun shining? Then take a seat on the cozy terrace. Breakfast in Zwolle at Villa Suikerberg is a tasty start to your day!

Breakfast in Zwolle for the sweet tooth

Chocolate company]( Where to have breakfast in Zwolle if you have a real sweet tooth? The Chocolate Company! You can go here all week for a sweet breakfast in Zwolle. As the name probably suggests, there will be no chocolate missing from your breakfast. Choose for a chocolate croissant or a fresh brownie. Now that's a good breakfast in Zwolle!

You can also have a sweet breakfast in Zwolle at Brownies&downieS. Our favorite on the menu are the lemon curd American pancakes! Besides all the sweets, you can also choose a savory breakfast here, like one of the hot sandwiches. The kids menu is also filled with tasty breakfasts, so this place is also very suitable during a day trip to Zwolle with kids.

Unique breakfasts in Zwolle

description]( Are you a little tired of boring breakfasts and want to try something new? Even then Zwolle has plenty to offer! At Wanna Waffle you can wake up every day (until 12:00) with a freshly baked waffle. The WannaWaffleBreakfast is a favorite and has a little bit of everything: fresh juice, a delicious waffle and a bowl of yoghurt. That's a great way to have breakfast in Zwolle!

Lots & More](location://27164 "Lots and more") is also a unique address for a delicious breakfast in Zwolle. This cozy place near the Sassenpoort is known for its delicious yogurt bowls and freshly baked pancakes. Lots & More only has a few tables and that makes this breakfast spot in Zwolle extra cozy. The only downside is that there may not be a table left. But don't worry, because just a little further down the road you will find Anne&Max. At Anne&Max you can have breakfast all day long! If you once want to sleep in, you can have breakfast here in Zwolle. The breakfast platter is guaranteed a solid base to start your day!

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Hotel stay with breakfast Zwolle

Do you really want to discover the Hanseatic city Zwolle? Then choose a weekend in Zwolle and stay in one of the hotels that can be found in Zwolle. The next morning you can enjoy a fresh breakfast in Zwolle, after which you will have all the energy you need to spot more highlights of Zwolle. Breakfast in Zwolle, for example, is very good at Pillows Grand Boutique Hotel Ter Borch, Hotel Lumen and Bilderberg Grand Hotel Wientjes.