Bagels & Beans

Find your daily dose of bagels, coffee and happiness here.

What↵ Different rules apply with us. When you walk in, you feel it immediately. Where does that come from? The atmosphere, the people, the quiet. Mostly small things. Too many to mention, actually. But they all have one thing in common: attention. To you. For our products. Where they come from, who makes them and how. Often organic, always fresh and without exception prepared with care. And if something goes wrong (and believe me, that happens daily), we solve it.

Why↵ Right from the start, we had a special focus on natural products and conscious eating. For example, coffee beans from a small-scale family plantation in Panama. We believe that healthy, sustainable and tasty go perfectly together. That quality is more important than profit. And that you should approach life openly: involved, but not pedantic. Everyone makes his or her own choices.

How↵ We don't work with a central kitchen, but prepare your order where you stand (or sit). From the coffee, tea and bagels to the juices and salads. We are constantly looking for inspiring and special products and ingredients to keep surprising you and ourselves. Whether you come to dine with a large group or just pop in on your way to the office.

Because that surprise is what we do it for. That you leave happier than you came in. Since 1996, when we started at the Ferdinand Bolstraat in Amsterdam. The bagel was extremely popular in America, but hardly known here. We put it on the map in the Netherlands. The Mediterranean scents and colors of the French seaside resort Nice were an important inspiration at the time.