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Do you want to add to your bookshelf and are you looking for nice bookshops in Zwolle? Then this is the place to be! Zwolle is seen by many people as the perfect city for an afternoon of shopping. You can find clothing stores, boutiques, restaurants and also the best bookstores! A visit to these bookstores in Zwolle is an experience in itself. Read on to find out which bookstores you have to visit!

Admire the bookstore Waanders In de Broeren

We'll start right off with the gem among bookstores: Waanders in de Broeren. This bookstore in Zwolle is called the most beautiful bookstore in the Netherlands by many people, and rightly so.

When you enter Waanders in de Broeren, you can't stop looking. This bookstore in Zwolle is located in a monumental church building. The historical features of the church, such as the organ, the stained glass windows and authentic belt arches can still be found here. Besides these elements, the church is filled with thousands of books. From novels and thrillers to children's stories and English Young Adult: all imaginable book genres and titles can be found here! See if there is a book you like and enjoy the peace and quiet of this bookstore.

Waanders in de Broeren
Waanders in de Broeren

Have you found a nice book? End your visit with a cup of coffee and something tasty in the brasserie or the Leeshemel café. The atmosphere, the store itself and the assortment combine to make for an unforgettable visit to this unique bookstore in Zwolle.

Small and cute bookstores in Zwolle

Other bookstores in Zwolle that are worth a visit are: BoekenVoordeel, Boekhandel Bloks and Boekhandel Westerhof. All three of these bookstores in Zwolle are cute little stores, where you can enjoy browsing among all the bookcases.

BoekenVoordeel is located in the Diezerstraat and is a well-known chain of stores in the field of books. BoekenVoordeel has a wide range of books, but you can also find creative hobby products, games and movies & series. Everything you need for a relaxing evening at home!

Another popular bookstore in Zwolle is Boekhandel Bloks. This bookstore in Zwolle has a unique assortment consisting of second hand books, ramsj and new books. This gives you the chance to discover new books that you don't encounter or quickly overlook in regular bookstores. The bookstore is located in one of the coziest and cutest streets of Zwolle, the Papenstraat.

Bookstore Westerhof also belongs to this list of bookstores in Zwolle. This bookstore has two locations in Zwolle, Wade and Diezerstraat. The bookstore sells popular titles that should not be missing in your bookcase. Not quite sure what book you would like to read? The friendly staff at Boekhandel Westerhof will share their love for books with you so you can find your new favorite book!

Other bookstores in Zwolle

Boekhandel Zwolle]( Are you planning a long train ride and do you want to score a nice book or magazine just before you leave? You can! At the central station of Zwolle you can find the Ako. In addition to books, this bookstore also sells greeting cards, writing cards and gift cards. So if you forgot to buy a little something for your mother-in-law, this is the place to be!

Books are also sold at the various Primera and Bruna stores in Zwolle. In short: plenty of bookstores to be found in Zwolle! What is your favorite?

As we have mentioned, Zwolle is the perfect city for a nice day of shopping with your girlfriends, mother or partner. The shopping streets of Zwolle are filled with unique boutiques, big brand names and interior stores. While shopping, take a break at one of the many outdoor cafes and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner. When is your shopping trip in Zwolle scheduled?