Terrace in Zwolle

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The terraces in Zwolle welcome you with open arms. Take a seat, lean back and enjoy a delicious drink and snack. What could be nicer than to sit down on a sunny day and enjoy the coziness of Zwolle's terraces? Or find a covered terrace in Zwolle on rainy days. Go out and enjoy everything the Hanseatic city has to offer.

Terrace in Zwolle
Terrace in Zwolle

nicest terraces in Zwolle center

What could be better than a spontaneous visit to the terrace in Zwolle on a sunny day? As soon as you walk into town on a sunny day you can hardly escape it: the terraces in Zwolle are ready to receive you. Go into town with friends, family and neighbors or just meet new people in the city.

If you are looking for a terrace in Zwolle you only have to walk into town. Along the Thorbeckegracht you will find some terraces, but also on the Grote Markt you will find terraces. And also at the Melkmarkt there are more than enough terraces for you.

Café 't Beugeltje

Café 't Beugeltje is one of the coziest bars in Zwolle. The pub is situated in a unique location: it is housed in a wine carrier tower on the Thorbeckegracht. If you sit on the terrace in Zwolle, you have a view of the beautiful canal houses across the street. Café 't Beugeltje is one of the exclusive Grolsch beugelcafés, which means that the Grolsch beugel takes center stage. But don't worry, there's plenty more goodies to order.

Blue Bayou Zwolle

A popular terrace in Zwolle center was always the Stadsstrand Zwolle. Blue Bayou is since 2022 the successor of the City Beach. This terrace in Zwolle is just a little bit different than you're used to. Tasty beers, cocktails and snacks are combined with culture. Think of music, workshops and much more. Blue Bayou is in summer undoubtedly one of the best terraces in Zwolle.

Las Rosas

On the other side of Blue Bayou you'll find Las Rosas. Take a seat on the cozy lounge terrace on a sunny afternoon or a balmy summer evening. Order a good glass of wine and choose your favorite tapas, because Las Rosas is the ultimate tapas bar. You enjoy 2.5 hours of unlimited tapas which you feel that you are in Spain. Is the terrace in Zwolle so cozy and would you like to stay the night? That's possible, because Las Rosas also offers a number of hotel rooms in the Hanze Hotel.

Brasserie de Hofvlietvilla

Across from Blue Bayou, on the waterfront, you'll find the terrace garden of Brasserie de Hofvlietvilla. The staff of the stylish brasserie welcomes you and your company with open arms, making you feel welcome right away. Lunch and dinner, but also a high wine or just a nice drink is possible here on the terrace. While enjoying a refreshing drink on the terrace in Zwolle, you look out over the water. Haven't had enough of the sun yet and want to get out on the water? Rent a luxury sloop from the brasserie and admire the charming canals of Zwolle from the water. You can even book an additional package, so you can enjoy all sorts of tasty snacks while you cruise around.

Brasserie de Hofvlietvilla
Brasserie de Hofvlietvilla

Covered terraces in Zwolle

Would you like to have lunch on a terrace in Zwolle? Then pay a visit to Vito's. The Italian restaurant is the place for a cozy lunch on the terrace. Order your favorite sandwich and enjoy all the different people walking by.

The Gillende Keukenmeiden is also a pleasant place for an extensive lunch. The garden has cozy seating ready for those who love it which makes it feel very "homey". The ladies go out of their way to make sure you have a positive experience.

Restaurants with a terrace in Zwolle

During a sunny day it is great to spend the day in the sunshine on the terrace. If it is very cozy, you can continue the evening with dinner on the terrace. Restaurants in Zwolle with a terrace give this possibility.

La Terra Zwolle

La Terra Zwolle is a restaurant with a terrace in Zwolle. In this Italian restaurant, dishes are prepared with authentic local products from Italy. During the hot summer days the terrace of La Terra Italiana is a lovely place to sit. Order an Italian dish and imagine yourself in Italy.

The Agnietenberg

Peace, quiet and a relaxed atmosphere can be found at De Agnietenberg, a restaurant with a terrace in Zwolle. On sunny summer days you sit down on the terrace in the garden. Take your time for a delicious dinner or order a good ice cream if you want to cool off. You look out on the lawn and the beautiful gardens of De Agnietenberg. Is it getting a little cooler in the evening? Then the heaters ensure that it is still good to stay on the terrace.


Nearby Café 't Beugeltje you will find Jaffa Jaffa. Here you will make a culinary world trip because on the menu you will find dishes from all over the world. The restaurant's chefs use as many local ingredients as possible and as little is thrown away as possible. Take a seat on the terrace and taste street food from all over the world.

Terrace of De Agnietenberg
Terrace of De Agnietenberg