Walking in Zwolle

Go on a journey of discovery!

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It is the way to discover this Hanseatic city, go walking in Zwolle! You can find plenty of walking routes in Zwolle: through the woods, along the water and through the historic center. Put on your walking shoes!

Go for a lovely walk in Zwolle

De Sassenpoort
De Sassenpoort

What could be better than discovering Zwolle in a healthy way? When you go walking in Zwolle you will be amazed by all the beauty. Admire centuries-old buildings, walk through various Zwolle parks and meander along the rivers IJssel and Vecht. Choose a walk through the floodplains of the Engels Werk or go for a unique city walk. You can literally do anything in this versatile city. With the walking network you can easily map out your route.

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You will discover the center of Zwolle during a nice city walk. The Hanzestadswandeling is a good example. This route of about 2.4 kilometers takes you along De Sassenpoort, historic canal houses and numerous other monuments. After walking this route in Zwolle, plop down on a cozy terrace! The Zwolse Balletjeshuis, also a Tourist Information Point, offers other walking routes in Zwolle. For example, choose a literary walk, a natural history walk or an art walk. Or go on your own discovery tour through the inner city of Zwolle. No matter which direction you walk, there is always something beautiful to admire!

Walking around Zwolle? Definitely do it!

Want to discover a different side of Zwolle? Then go walk the Rondje Zwolle. This hefty walking route of no less than 45 kilometers takes you through the outskirts of Zwolle. For example, start walking at the Engelse Werk. From here you can walk over the dike along the IJssel in the direction of Zwolle-Zuid. Then walk through meadows and make a stop at the Wijthmenerplas. Then meander over the golf course of Golfclub Zwolle through green surroundings in the direction of Berkum and the Vecht.

Walking in Zwolle
Walking in Zwolle

You continue your way walking along De Agnietenberg Zwolle. A little later you pass the Westerveldse Bos and the Zwarte Water in Stadshagen. At the end of the walking route Rondje Zwolle you swing over the IJsseldijk towards the Engelse Werk: the end point of this intensive walking tour. End your day with a well-deserved drink and snack at Restaurant Het Engelse Werk.

Walking in the surroundings of Zwolle

There are many advantages to walking in the surroundings of Zwolle. For example, you always walk through a varied landscape, you will encounter various opportunities in terms of stops and the center of Zwolle is never far away. Walking in Zwolle you do for example in the English Work. This unique park is situated next to the IJssel river and is ideal for a nice walk. You will find woods, ponds and lawns, ideal for a picnic! A walk through Park de Wezenlanden Zwolle is also worthwhile. This is the largest park in Zwolle and can be reached in no time from the center. Besides many walking routes through the nature of this park you will find a petting zoo with playground, basketball court, panna cage, skate park and Park Pavilion De Wezenlanden.

Walking through a unique sculpture garden? That's possible at Landgoed Anningahof in Zwolle. Located on the outskirts of Zwolle, this sculpture park features contemporary sculpture, ponds, grasslands and wildflowers. Take a walk with your feet in the sand on the beaches of the Wijthmenerplas, the Agnietenplas and the Milligerplas. Then don't forget to rest at Lakeside Zwolle, Restaurant de Agnietenberg or Grand Café Milligers. Walking in the surroundings of Zwolle is also possible in the Vegtluster Bos, Park Aa-landen and in the Vreugderijkerwaard.

The most popular walking routes in Zwolle

There are several walking routes in Zwolle. The best way to discover the IJssel River is to walk through the Vreugderijkerwaard. This is a beautiful river landscape full of special plants and birds. While walking the boot path you pass large grazers and a bird hide. This route is about 5.6 kilometers long. Also popular routes are the "With your feet in the IJssel" walking routes. These routes can be found anywhere along the IJssel, so also in the surroundings of Zwolle. You walk this route for example near Veecaten in 's Heerenbroek, just outside Zwolle. The water level determines to what extent you literally walk with your feet in the IJssel.
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Walking along the river IJssel
Walking along the river IJssel

The Herman Brood walking route is also perfect for enthusiasts. This walking route in Zwolle takes you along places of Herman Brood that have been decisive in his artistic development. Afterwards, a visit to the Herman Brood Museum & Experience is of course a must.Close to the Zwarte Water and the Westerveldse Bos you will find Het Hoge Laar. This is the ideal environment for a nice walk, both 5 kilometers and 8.4 kilometers. The Ommetje Langenholte takes you along the residential area Aa-Landen via a lowland stream to the Wijde Aa. While walking this route in Zwolle you pass several kolken, the Agnietenberg, a river dune of the Vecht and the Brinkhoek. When are you going to walk in the beautiful Zwolle?

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