Unique city walks in Zwolle


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Exploring Zwolle in a special way you do with one of the unique city walks in Zwolle. There are several city walks in various themes, so you can learn a lot about artists from Zwolle or about Zwolle in the war. Read on quickly!

Girl of Pleasure

The playful Meisje van Plezier wandeltocht is a theatrical tour along the highlights of Zwolle. You go on a city tour with Keetje, the girl of fun. She knows like no other the places of Zwolle and will tell her story in a humorous way, supplemented with many historical facts. You will for example pass by the Fundatie, the old city walls, the old center of Zwolle with the thin alleys, the Zwolle Balletjeshuis, Librije and more! Moreover, you start the tour with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake at Vidiveni and end the tour with a drink at café In de Buurt.

Hanseatic City Tour

Zwolle is one of the Hanseatic cities. A Hanze city was a member of the Hanze Network. This network was a partnership for Hanseatic cities and traders in these cities. Large Dutch cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam were then only small towns, the Hanze cities on the other hand had already developed into powerful trading centers. This can still be seen today when you walk through a Hanseatic city. For example at the historic facades, the beautiful Sassenpoort, the monumental merchant houses, the star-shaped canal and the hidden courtyards. With the Hanseatic City Walk you will discover all these special attractions. Put on your walking shoes and join us!

The over 600 year old Sassenpoort](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/182755-1628262807/C1630X620/Sassenpoort-Instagram-Naamsvermelding-Bj%C3%B6rn+de+Vries-2020.jpg)

Tour de Suolla

Would you rather go with a guide so he/she can tell you everything about the historic city center? Then Tour de Suolla is highly recommended. You start this city walk at het Zwolse Balletjeshuis, already a monument in itself where you also get to taste the Zwolse candy. After this you will go on tour together with the guide. He/she will tell you about the history of the city in combination with places and buildings. So you can really sniff the scent of the past. The walking tour will also lead you past the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Basilica with Pepperbustoren and the only remaining city gate, the old Sassenpoort dating from over 600 years ago. You can also see monuments from the inside, such as the Schepenzaal and the St. Michaels Church.

Literary Walk Zwolle

During this walk you will get to know all about the literary secrets of Zwolle. Which writers lived in this Hanseatic city and what did they write? The literary walk takes about two hours and leads you crisscross through the inner city. You will pass the Grote or St. Michaëlskerk, the Sassenpoort and the Karel V house, among other places. You will recognize some of the writers who are told about, but also some you will not. This makes the tour very informative. All the writers have one thing in common: they have a link with writing about or in the city of Zwolle. From Thomas a Kempis to Herman Brood.

War in Zwolle walking route

On May 10, 1940, in the early morning, the Dutch army retreated to the IJssel River after bridges were blown up and railroad connections were rendered inoperable. With great disbelief the people of Zwolle saw the German soldiers marching into their town. The Second World War had begun. Although the occupation didn't seem too bad at first, the consequences in Zwolle society gradually took hold: the isolation and deportation of Jewish Zwolle citizens, forced labor, liquidations, etc. The joy was great when the Canadians liberated the city in April 1945. You start with this city walk from the Zwolle Balletjeshuis. From here a guide takes you along historical places that tell the story of Zwolle in the Second World War. You'll go past places in the city center that witnessed the occupation, the fate of Jewish Zwolle residents, hiding places and more.

The Grote Kerk or St. Michaëlskerk in Zwolle](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/119784-1534623932/C1360X620/De+Stad+Vertelt+Academiehuis+Grote+Kerk+Zwolle.jpg)

Urban Trail

The KLM Urban Trails are organized throughout the Netherlands. You discover a city in a sporty and unique way. No closed off straight roads, but an exploration of buildings, theaters, stadiums and alleys and afterwards eat, drink and share your experiences. The KLM Urban Trail Zwolle is part of the national KLM Urban Trail Series, which is also organized in Leeuwarden, Groningen and Arnhem. Some highlights of the run are the Great Escape, Poppodium Hedon, Historisch Centrum Overijssel and the Thomas a Kempis College.

Ome Bertus walk

For an old-fashioned cozy city walk, the Ome Bertus walk is the place to be. During the walk you will stop at various cafés where you will get typical Zwolle snacks and drinks, such as a glass of Bertus beer. But who is Bertus? You might find out during the walk, or you might not. In short, do you want to know what this walk entails? Then book it quickly.

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