The Zwollenaar


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I am a Zwollenaar, A real Zwollenaar. I don't often act like this, In full public. Under the Peperbus, Is life smooth and cozy. Look at my fingers. I'm a Zwollenaar.

[The Zwolle "national anthem", on a text by Trooster, F., in: Wikipedia (2008) lemma Zwolle].

As befits true eastern Dutchmen, Zwolle residents are proud of their language and culture. The people of Zwolle are down-to-earth and live by the motto 'Just act normal, then you're already crazy enough'. We are not into fuss and blingbling. We do love the conviviality and hospitality. Just uncomplicated. A 'warm welcome' is more than a slogan on our doormat. You'll notice that as soon as you land in our beautiful city as a city tourist, camper or hotel visitor.

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