The Zwolle Culture: ECO


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The culture of Zwolle has been shaped by two important periods in the history of the city and region: the time of the Hanseatic League and the Modern Devotion. They brought the region entrepreneurial mentality, international awareness, education and looking out for each other. This DNA is still tangible in Zwolle today. Three words, abbreviated together as ECO, represent the qualities of Zwolle: Eexperimental, Creactive and Oentrepreneurial, with the Zwolle value of 'being there for each other' running through them like a thread. Whether we experiment, create or undertake, the people of Zwolle do this with each other and for each other.

Experimental The power of innovation has made the city what it is. Zwolle is daring. Whether it's climate proof building, innovation in healthcare, digitization of the urban fabric or shaping daring collaborations, Zwolle does it.

Creative Zwolle is a creative city. The city teems with artists, creative designers and developers. The cultural sector has a very recognizable presence in the city. And the manufacturing industry is on the rise.

Entrepreneurial Entrepreneurship has made Zwolle a thriving and progressive city. The spirit of commerce can be felt everywhere in the city and its effects are visible in the wealth of the city.

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