Nice to go outside!


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  1. Doepark Nooterhof

    Enjoy splashing around in the water playgrounds with your boots or bare feet. Enjoy a drink and a snack on the terrace of teahouse the Earthship.

  2. Organic sheep dairy De Vreugdehoeve

    How is cheese and ice cream made from sheep's milk? You can see and taste that at Organic Sheep Dairy De Vreugdehoeve. The organic sheep dairy De Vreugdehoeve is located on the cycle route Rondje Zwolle. Get off and enjoy a snack and drink in the tea and coffee shop.

  3. Boat sailing

    See Zwolle from the water and discover things you would otherwise miss. Step into a tour boat, rent a sloop, a canoe or explore the beautiful canal of Zwolle on a sup.

  4. Park Eekhout

    Lovely park with an animal pasture, a fountain and artwork. The park is used for various activities.

  5. Park de Wezenlanden

    The largest park in Zwolle with a children's farm with playground, a skate park, a basketball court, the panna soccer field and many walking paths with green surroundings. And a very nice park pavilion!

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