Green in the city of Zwolle

Healthy for residents & visitors!

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Green in the city has a positive effect in many ways. For example, it reduces air pollution and boosts biodiversity. On top of that, you can also enjoy lots of greenery in the city, right?

Park Het Engelse Werk

Besides being the oldest park, Het Engelse Werk is also the best visited park in Zwolle. The park is situated next to the IJssel, so a lot of water can be taken out of the ground. This happens daily to provide the residents of Zwolle with clean and delicious drinking water. The Engelse Werk is by definition not a very large park in terms of surface area, but it is arranged in such a way that you get the idea that you are taking a multifaceted walk through all sorts of winding and wooded paths.

Park Het Engelse Werk](

Within the English Work you will find the Nature Garden, a separate piece of land where all kinds of plant species have been collected and sown. You'll find for example blaassilenes, rapunzel bells, knotweed and also many beautiful butterflies! After your walk through this green area you can go to Uitspanning het Engelse Werk for a cup of coffee with cake or a nice lunch.

Buitengoed de Herfte

You will find Buitengoed de Herfte on the outskirts of Zwolle on a 14-hectare green terrain. The estate is a place for sustainable and social entrepreneurs who want to contribute to the future. Several companies have already established themselves at Buitengoed de Herfte, such as Kas van Kaat, Binthout and Hanzeduck. All these companies offer a workplace to people with a distance to the labor market. At Hanzeduck they learn to repair bicycles and/or cars or at Binthout they learn to make design products from wood. Once in a while there are open days, certainly fun to visit.


Nooterhof park has long been the place to be for anyone who loves peace and quiet and greenery. There is plenty to do for the youth, so it offers an ideal location for a day out with children. For example, there is a water playground, an apiary, ecologically managed gardens and so on. Moreover, the children learn all about nature, environment and sustainability in a playful way. For example, get the self-work teaching box at the park and learn a lot about soil animals. Another unique selling point of the park is the special Tea House Earthship. This building provides itself completely in terms of water and energy, how cool!

Park the Nooterhof](

Park Aa-landen

Park Aa-landen is located in the district of the same name in Zwolle, which in turn is derived from the river Aa. The district is not for nothing called the greenest district of Zwolle. The Park Aa-landen is often seen as a transition from the city to the countryside. Every year the 'Huttendorp' event is organized in this park. It usually takes place in the last week of the summer vacations. Children can build huts and as a reward they can sleep in them for a night. Each year there is a different theme to which the whole event is adapted.

Park de Wezenlanden

You've probably heard of Park de Wezenlanden, because a few of the coolest events in Zwolle are organized here, such as the Liberation Festival Zwolle. It is the largest park in Zwolle and there are a lot of possibilities. Moreover, it is a place where you can relax with sunshine, play a game of soccer or have a drink. In this park in Zwolle are a petting zoo with playground, a skate park and a panna cage located. Furthermore, you will find several hiking trails through the green nature. Are you ready for a bite to eat or a nice drink? In this park you will find the Paviljoen de Wezenlanden: a nice place to enjoy a drink with a Spanish twist from the chef.

Ter Pelkwijk Park

Picnicking in Zwolle]( If we are talking about green in the city, Ter Pelkwijkpark is the place to be. The park is located in the heart of Zwolle. This park is named after the Overijssel politician Johannes ter Pelkwijk. This man has devoted himself to education in Zwolle in the 18th and 19th centuries. Among other things, he taught the well-known Thorbecke. The park is divided into a large lawn with a number of trees, a memorial of the Second World War and a path along the water. Tip: when the weather is sunny, get tasty snacks in town and enjoy a picnic in this cute little park.

Zwolle Green Town Foundation

Zwolle Groenstad Foundation has been working to preserve and promote greenery in the city since 1982. They believe it is important that monumental trees, plants and any animals in the inner city get the attention they deserve. In addition, they make a case for the so-called "green fingers". These are the green connections between the city and the countryside.

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