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Bloggers from the Netherlands and abroad regularly write about Zwolle. Logical, because Zwolle is a surprising Hanseatic city where many pearls can be discovered! Read below the fun tips and stories about Zwolle.

  1. 5 x Zwolle & Hasselt in Emotie

    Xantoucha often blogs for Modern Hippies about discovering (un)known cities in the Netherlands. Like this blog, in which she experiences 22 hours in Zwolle and Hasselt!

  2. Zwolle Hanzestad ontdekken! 24 uur op pad met...

    Ellen went on the road for 24 hours for this blog with blogger Cynthia and rapper Rico. A surprising weekend she will not soon forget....

  3. 10 uur in Zwolle - Het ultieme dagje uit!

    Barts Boekje is the lifestyle and address site of Maartje Diepstraten. In her blog she tells how in Zwolle you can effortlessly hop from a cozy shopping café to one of the most beautiful bookstores in the country.

  4. Bloggers op stap in dynamische Hanzestad Zwolle met Rico en Cynt

    Two bloggers, Made by Ellen and Modern Hippies, discover the Hanseatic cities of Zwolle and Hasselt in 24 hours. In the dynamic Hanseatic city of Zwolle, they are shown around by none other than without knowing it in advance, and they go together to eat an ice cream with rapper Rico. Moreover, the rapper brings them to a very special place to stay ... The Sassenpoort!

  5. 60 seconden in Zwolle: hip én historisch

    ZOOVER takes you to Zwolle, the Hanseatic city on the river IJssel. A city full of history, but also with many hip hotspots. From cool concept stores to special boutiques, fascinating museums and Burgundian restaurants.

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