Girlfriends weekend in Zwolle

One and all coziness!

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Want to plan a fun day out with your girlfriends? Make it a friends weekend in Zwolle! Hanseatic city Zwolle has all the hotspots to give you and your girlfriends that well-deserved quality time. An afternoon of shopping in Zwolle should of course not be missed! This list of hotspots in Zwolle will ensure an unforgettable day.


All the hotspots of Zwolle

The sun is shining more often, the dresses can be taken out of the closet and the gloomy evenings are exchanged for cozy summer nights. This is the perfect time to swap a weekend of binge-watching for a cosy weekend out with friends! And what better place than Zwolle! Because the coziness, excitement and humor that return in your favorite series, can also be found in our Hanseatic city! Just as you have seen in our trailer, we take you along all the hotspots of Zwolle.


Staying at Pillows

You won't want to wake up anywhere else but at this stylish 4-star hotel in Zwolle. At Pillows Grand Boutique Hotel Ter Borch you will be completely pampered. Everything has been thought of: the service is top-notch, the Parisian interior is sparkling and you'll find luxurious facilities, including a sauna. Once you've hoisted yourself out of the lovely bed, it's time for a fresh breakfast. You won't find a better start to your day anywhere! After breakfast you can walk to the center of Zwolle, where your girlfriends day can begin!


A fresh cup of coffee at Sam's Coffee

The first stop of the day will be Sam's coffee. You'll find this stylish coffee shop about a 15 minute walk from Pillows and it's the place to be to start your day with the necessary energy. Because you know what they say: life begins after the first cup of coffee. Whether you're a novice or an advanced coffee lover, a fresh cup of coffee from Sam's is a must for everyone.


Go for a new coupe at Kootuur

After the delicious cup of coffee, walk through Broerenstraat and Diezerstraat to Kootuur. This unique store in the heart of the city center is both a clothing store and a hair salon. As soon as you step over the threshold, you are surrounded by the most stylish clothing and accessories. Hidden away on the upper floor of the store, you can get a new haircut. Will you and your friends go for the same haircut or will you let the talented hairdresser advise you personally? If you want to make your makeover complete, you can also ask the friendly staff for personal styling advice. You'll walk out of here with a smile on your face!


Relaxing at Smooth Fruit Therapy

Then walk on over to juice bar Smooth Fruit Therapy on the Grote Markt. At Smooth Fruit Therapy Zwolle you have a choice of smoothies, fruit juices, frozen yogurt and fruit salads. Yum! Compose your own smoothie or choose a smoothie completely in the theme of your girlfriends day: Smooth Shopper. This distinctive juice bar in Zwolle will give you new energy to continue your shopping session in Zwolle! Fancy a nice lunch? At the Melkmarkt you will find several lunchrooms and restaurants, where you can sit comfortably. With the sun out, a spot on the terrace is the place to be.


Shopping in the Sassenstraat

Now that the higher temperatures are slowly coming our way, it's time to stock up on a new summer wardrobe! Our tip is to go shopping in the Sassenstraat, one of the most popular shopping streets in Zwolle. Instead of large chain stores you'll find unique stores and cozy boutiques. That makes the Sassenstraat very suitable for an afternoon of shopping in Zwolle.

Totally trendy this summer and an important ingredient to imitate the popular style of the characters in major series is: color! Spøtted is one of the stores in the Sassenstraat, where you can score such a stylish and fashion-conscious outfit. The latest trends are closely followed here and can then be found on the clothing racks. Spøtted's offer is different from that of other stores and that's what makes it so cool. You will leave this store with full bags! Other stores in the Sassenstraat, where you can score unique outfits guaranteed, are Sassy, YAYA and Vay.


A culinary world tour at Jaffa Jaffa

After all that shopping in Zwolle, you will undoubtedly be hungry. Your girlfriends day is best ended at one of our favorite restaurants in Zwolle: Jaffa Jaffa. A visit to this brand new street food bar is an experience in itself. The trendy and slightly chaotic interior is insane. Ribbons on the ceiling, a disco ball and brightly colored lights combined with monumental elements: you can't get bored here! The menu of this restaurant has influences from all over the world with authentic delicacies and surprising cocktails.

After dinner you can end the day in the basement of the building, the booming basement JaffaBar, with a nice drink. Santé!

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