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Hanseatic city of Zwolle

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In the shadow of the great church, founded in 765 by Lebuinus and Marcellinus, the trading center of Zwolle emerged.

Later this became the great market. Historians disagree about the origin of the name Zwolle. It probably comes from the Latin 'Suolle'or 'Suollu', a high-lying area that stays dry during floods.

Zwolle, which in 1230 received city rights from the Utrecht Bishop Willebrand of Oldenburg, grew over time into a city of significance. This was mainly because Zwolle had a favorable location on the existing trade routes. In 1407 Zwolle joined the Cologne quarter of the German Hanseatic League. As a Hanseatic city Zwolle experienced in the 15th century its "Golden Age". Also in the church and cultural field Zwolle developed a rich history. The modern Devots have been very active here, many buildings still remind of their presence. The Hanseatic city walk is available at the Van der Velde in de Broeren Tourist Information Centre and in the museum store of the Stedelijk Museum Zwolle.

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