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The municipality of Zwolle is part of Regio Zwolle, a partnership between 22 municipalities and 4 provinces. The Zwolle Region specializes in a number of sectors and thus attracts certain companies that belong to these sectors. A distinction is made between proven and promising sectors. We have listed them for you.


Promising sector The Zwolle region has a lot of focus on strengthening mobility in the logistics sector. We have a solid distribution sector with large business locations such as Wehkamp, Wärtsilä, Scania, TNT, Post NL and the AH distribution center. Logistics-related organizations in the Zwolle region have joined forces in the Zwolle Region Logistics Network. The goal is to position the Zwolle region as the logistical hub of the Northeast and corridor to Northern and Eastern Europe.


Proven sector Because healthcare is changing rapidly, innovation in healthcare is of great importance for the preservation of the healthcare system. With top clinical hospital Isala and the educational institutions (Hogeschool Windesheim, Hogeschool Viaa, Deltion College and Landstede), Region Zwolle has an innovation climate in which entrepreneurs can test their innovation in practice. For example, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, healthcare technology companies and governments have established the Healthcare Training Center.


Proven sector The plastics industry in the Netherlands is highly concentrated in Region Zwolle. New, smart products, processes and services create added value that is safer, more reliable and more energy efficient. Sensor technology makes a direct contribution to the efficient use of raw materials. Entire chains are being redesigned by this technology.


Promising sector The Zwolle region has an extensive e-commerce sector with a unique range of national and international companies. Examples are De Nieuwe Zaak, IQ-Media, Yourhosting and wehkamp. In the Top Center E-commerce dozens of e-commerce companies, educational institutions, Kennispoort Regio Zwolle, Province of Overijssel, Province of Flevoland and the municipalities of Region Zwolle work together to become the e-commerce region of the Netherlands.


Proven sector Agri & Food is an important sector in Region Zwolle, with a focus on the circular-economic future of the Agri & Food business. Sustainable chains and finding solutions for energy issues or new forms of cooperation are on the agenda. With the 'world potato city' of Emmeloord and the largest vertical farm in Europe in Dronten, it is logical that people from all over the world are looking at what our region has to offer. And with the Green East, the region has a research and innovation center to realize the circular economy for the Agri & Food business. The strength of the region is especially expressed in many examples of applied innovation: entrepreneurs who find solutions to the questions of tomorrow.

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