Fish stores in Zwolle

Do you also love a nice herring or a bowl of kibbeling? Off to a fish store Zwolle! Whether you want to make a special fish dish or just fancy a tasty beak, in the Hanseatic city of Zwolle there are plenty of addresses where you can go. Wondering where to go for the best fish? Below you will find the best fish stores in Zwolle.

The number 1 fish store Zwolle: Visscher Seafood

The absolute favorite among Zwolle residents is Visscher Seafood. This fish store in Zwolle is known for its large and diverse selection of fish and, above all, its good quality. The friendly staff of this fish store Zwolle are ready to help you.

Visscher Seafood has the largest range of fresh sea and freshwater fish of Zwolle and the range consists of so much more than just a traditional herring. You can also go here for example for a mussel casserole with fries, fish schnitzel and sandwiches!

Fishmongers in Zwolle
Fishmongers in Zwolle

Besides the ability to pick up products here and have them delivered, you can also enjoy lunch at this fish store Zwolle. Are you a day shopping in Zwolle, then definitely stop here! You can find Visscher Seafood centrally located at the Melkmarkt.

Or choose this fish store in Zwolle

Vishandel Theo Muys](location://23470 "Vishandel Theo Muys") is also a popular fish store in Zwolle. This fishmonger's store offers daily fresh fish and fried fish, as well as appetizers and snacks! You can find Vishandel Theo Muys in shopping center AA-Landen and shopping center Zwolle Zuid.

Another fishmonger Zwolle is Dorado's Fish Specialties. This fish store is still fairly new and is located in shopping center Stadshagen in Zwolle. If you are hungry after shopping and want to take something tasty for the road, you can go here! Last year, the fish store in Zwolle was completely refurbished and with its fresh interior, you can enjoy eating fish here.

Fish on the market of Zwolle

Market Zwolle
Market Zwolle

Also on the market of Zwolle you can score your favorite fish! Every Friday and Saturday the center of Zwolle is filled with various and diverse market stalls, including fish stalls! The fresh products, low price and above all the fun makes shopping at the market so much fun. And a visit to the market of Zwolle is of course not complete without having bought a nice bowl of kibbeling, a gourmet meal or a herring. Fish specialist Koelewijn-de Graaf is one of the fish stalls on the market of Zwolle-Centrum.

One of the oldest fish stalls in Zwolle can be found at Winkelcentrum Hogenkampseweg, Vishandel van Amerongen. The fried fish is the specialty of this fish stall and a favorite among customers.

At these restaurants you can also order a fish dish

Besides these fish stores in Zwolle, you can also order a delicious fish dish in one of the many restaurants Zwolle has to offer. Restaurant Os en Peper (by Ard) is one such restaurant in Zwolle with seafood on the menu. This popular restaurant is located at the Ossenmarkt in Zwolle since 2003 and uses only quality products. So you can expect a delicious fresh fish from the North Sea, the IJsselmeer or the Vecht!

Restaurant Os en Peper
Restaurant Os en Peper

At Restaurant Poppe on the Luttekestraat the menu also features various fish dishes. Salmon, cod and sea bass for example. With a nice glass of wine, this is so much more than 'just' eating good fish!

Other restaurants in Zwolle known for their delicious fish dishes are for example: Bistro Pampus, II Carpaccio and Restaurant Weekends.