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To the job!

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Are you in the middle of a move, is your house ready for a renovation or do you fancy a creative job? Zwolle has a number of good hardware stores where you can go! The following markets in Zwolle help you on your way with your job.

DIY stores in Zwolle

Whether you have two left hands or are a real handyman (or woman): everyone pays a visit to the construction market. From toolboxes, building materials and paint, the DIY stores in Zwolle are the place to go! Some DIY stores in Zwolle sell furniture and home accessories in addition to tools and building materials. Super convenient, because you can buy everything at once. We have all DIY stores in Zwolle listed for you. Good luck with your job!

Whatever part of your home you need to tackle, HORNBACH has it all. You'll find materials for your bathroom, kitchen, garden and living room. Also for inspiration you can visit the HORNBACH. The staff of this store in Zwolle take the time to discuss your needs and together come to a beautiful design. The HORNBACH Zwolle is located at Katwolderweg 6.

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Near this DIY store Zwolle find, at the Rieteweg 6, the GAMMA. Also at this DIY store they sell materials and products for all sorts of different jobs. Think of new lamps, fresh wallpaper, tools and even a key service! Both DIY stores in Zwolle are easy to reach by both OV and car. There is enough parking space to load your car (and trailer) full of building materials!

DIY DIY stores in Zwolle

DIY items can also be found at the Karwei DIY market in Zwolle. Stroll into this construction market in Zwolle and find all the supplies you need for your handyman job. Besides building materials and furniture, this construction market in Zwolle also offers various services that make your job as Bob the Builder a lot easier.

Karwei offers a saw service, paint mixing service and construction waste service and you can also rent a trailer and tools! Very convenient if you need a pricey tool only once. This DIY store is located in Zwolle-Zuid on the G. Stephensonstraat and is easy to reach. To the job!

DIY Zwolle](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/170463-1612433886/C200X200/bouwmarkt.jpg) Another DIY DIY market in Zwolle is the Praxis at the George Stephensonstraat. This DIY store in Zwolle is the place to be for both a big and small job. As they say themselves: ''At Praxis you will find everything to make your job a success''. Whether you've been doing odd jobs for years or are just picking up a hammer for the first time, at Praxis you'll find all your odd jobs supplies. Do you have questions about a product or could use some advice? The staff at this DIY store in Zwolle will be happy to help!

Paint stores in Zwolle

Would you like to give your living room a new lick of paint and create a new atmosphere? Good idea! Score a can of paint at the hardware store or paint store in Zwolle and get to work. Eerenstein & Boer on the Vechtstraat is a paint store in Zwolle that sells paint, wallpaper and window decorations. This paint store in Zwolle has years of experience and can therefore give appropriate advice. Browse through the store, get inspired and make your home even more beautiful!

Paint stores in Zwolle](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/37559-1412939507/C1300X620/verf107.JPG)

You can also take a look at the paint stores Olijslager Verf and Sigma Service Center Zwolle.

Other DIY stores in Zwolle

Also at Stiho building square you can go for all your building materials. Stiho's assortment consists of more than 10,000 articles, including various types of wood, hardware, wall cladding and insulation. The choice is huge!

De Bouwhal at the Marslanden in Zwolle is a somewhat unknown name in the field of hardware stores in Zwolle. At the Bouwhal, new and reused building materials are sold. Personal attention and low sales prices make this DIY store in Zwolle a very suitable place for handymen. The employees of the Bouwhal are specialized and very knowledgeable and will give you appropriate advice for your DIY projects. Other DIY stores in Zwolle are De Fabriekswinkel Zwolle and Wildkamp.

Zwolle residential boulevard

Are you done with DIY and is it time to furnish your home? Then visit the Woonboulevard Zwolle! The Woonboulevard has various stores, where you can buy new furniture, home accessories and other items to complete your home. In this way you can make your house a home.

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