Clothing stores in Zwolle

With all the clothing stores in Zwolle, you as a shop lover can indulge in the Hanseatic city. With both unique boutiques and well-known chains, there is something for everyone. Visit shopping city Zwolle and discover for yourself the versatility of all clothing stores in Zwolle.

Zwolle: a city full of clothing stores

The historic city center has many hidden gems when it comes to unique stores. Besides unique stores such as Waanders in de Broeren and Librije's Winkel, Zwolle is also a city full of unique clothing stores. Therefore, many people from the surrounding area like to come to the city to spend a day shopping at all the clothing stores in Zwolle. Besides unique boutiques, you will also find many well-known retail chains in Zwolle, such as the H&M, Sissy Boy, Vero Moda and many more.

Waanders in de Broeren
Waanders in de Broeren

Fun clothing stores in Zwolle

Zwolle has a number of streets that you should not skip if you are looking for nice clothing stores in Zwolle. The most famous shopping street in Zwolle is perhaps the Diezerstraat. In the Diezerstraat you will find mainly known brands and stores such as the Zara, H&M, Snipes, Levi's and HEMA.

Close to the Diezerstraat you will find Het Eiland. Here you will find all kinds of different stores, such as clothing stores, interior design stores and gift stores. For example, visit Dille & Kamille or Speeleiland for a nice gift. Music lovers can buy LPs here at Plato. For the coolest sports outfits, visit Perry Sport or Bever. Need a break between all the shopping? Then visit Waanders in de Broeren: a bookstore located in a church, but much more than that. In fact, you'll also find a brasserie.

Unique stores in Zwolle

If you are looking for nice boutiques in Zwolle, you should visit the Sassenstraat and Luttekestraat. Indeed, in these streets you will find many unique clothing stores. The Sassenstraat has even been named one of the 10 best shopping streets in the Netherlands. Also around the Oude Vismarkt, Nieuwe Markt and around the Grote Kerkplein you will find all kinds of unique stores.

A unique clothing store in Zwolle is Spøtted. Here you shop brands like Co Couture, By-Bar, Modstrom and Minus. The collection changes regularly, so the latest trends are in the store. This is also the right place for clothing advice. The staff will help you find your perfect outfit, including shoes and jewelry. A little further on you will find Sassy. This store is similar to Spøtted. The collections in both stores are inspired by Scandinavian styles.

And while you're there... In the Sassenstraat you will also find Villa Mooi, the address for beautiful, cheerful and stylish women's clothing. The clothing is 'fair wear', which means that everything is responsibly and sustainably produced. The clothing at Villa Mooi is slightly different from other stores. Unique and fair outfits guaranteed! The store also sells toys, books and more gadgets. This makes shopping at Villa Mooi a pleasure.

The Assendorperstraat is also home to a number of unique clothing stores, such as Echt Sjaan. All the clothes you find at Echt Sjaan are organic and/or fairtrade. Echt Sjaan only sells brands that have a clear vision on sustainability and offer good working conditions. Also, some of the clothing at Echt Sjaan is handmade.

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The nicest vintage stores in Zwolle

Pearl seekers are in the right place in Zwolle. With several vintage stores and thrift stores, you can browse around for the hidden gems here. Finders Keepers Vintage & Retro collects all the gems already for you making shopping even more fun. For a small impression you can take a look at their Instagram under the name @finderskeeperszwolle.

Do you like luxury but also vintage? Combine these two things at De Overijsselse Diva. De Overijsselse Diva stands for quality, which means selling only higher-end secondhand women's clothing and designer brands. Through the strict intake of clothing, this is also guaranteed.

On Het Eiland, near the Diezerstraat you will find Appel & Ei. A second-hand clothing store where you score quality second-hand. In fact, everything that comes in is carefully checked, and is it not suitable to sell in Appel & Ei? Then the owner of the clothing may choose to donate it to charity.