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It's the most wonderful time of the year... Christmas is upon us again! Time for quality time with family, your best friends or just cozy with your partner. Many people celebrate Christmas with good food and presents. High time to go into town to find the perfect gifts for the people you love. We tell you about the best spots in Zwolle to buy Christmas presents!

Chocolate at Bonbonnerie Borrel

Are you buying gifts for a true sweet tooth this year? Then a visit to Bonbonnerie Borrel should not be missed during your search for the perfect Christmas gift. The store itself claims to sell the tastiest chocolates in the area. We can confirm it: the chocolates taste delicious. With the wide range of chocolate products, you will buy unique gifts that you won't find anywhere else. In fact, the store owners also make their own chocolates. Extra fun: you can even do a workshop here! But be on time, the workshops fill up quickly.

Wines at the Schuttelaar or Mondovino


Buy a wide variety of wines at one of Zwolle's promising wine shops. Sweet, dry, white, red, sparkling: you'll find it all at Schuttelaar or Mondovino. The Schuttelaar specializes in special wines, chocolates and gifts. Also at Mondovino you get the tastiest wines, from all over the world. Stress about choosing? Get advice or taste the wines yourself. For wine lovers, Zwolle wine shops are the place to be. Òor for those buying gifts for wine lovers of course....

Reading at Van der Velde in de Broeren

Book lovers must have been at Van der Velde in de Broeren. It is a beautiful bookstore located in an old church. Indeed, it is much more than just a bookstore. It is even called by many the most beautiful bookstore in the Netherlands. Book lovers can't believe their luck, because as soon as you step inside you find yourself in a Valhalla of books. A gift certificate from the beautiful bookstore is therefore an excellent gift!

Van der Velde in de Broeren
Van der Velde in de Broeren

Zuivelhoeve Zwolle

Cheese heads beware! The cheese specialist Zuivelhoeve Zwolle offers all kinds of different cheeses. In fact, the cheese specialist specializes in Boerenkaas. In addition, the cheese shop also sells 30+ cheese, foreign cheese and goat cheese. You can go here for the whole drink, as freshly roasted nuts, tapas, olives and other delicacies are also part of the assortment. Extra fun: you buy various gift packages here. You can also put these together yourself! The staff is happy to help you with this.

Scoring jewelry at Bagheera

Bagheera is the boutique for beautiful jewelry. In Zwolle, Bagheera has already made quite a name for itself. But if you are not from Zwolle, you may not know the store yet. For jewelry lovers, the store is definitely worth a visit. Surprise your lover with a beautiful item or treat yourself to a piece of jewelry. The store is located in the Roggestraat, a side street at the beginning of the Diezerstraat.

The best toys at My Play Island

Scoring a gift for a child or a lover of board games and puzzles? In the center of Zwolle you will find Mijn Speeleiland Zwolle. This store has a wide assortment of all kinds of popular games. Did you know that the Puzzle & Game department is a 999Games specialist? Because of this, the latest games are often in the store. No time to go to this toy store in Zwolle? Then just order it online!

World gifts at the World Shop

For world travelers, buy wonderful gifts at the Wereldwinkel. The World Shop has an assortment of fair products from other cultures. Buy original gifts made with respect for people and nature. All producers receive a fair price for them. The beauty of buying a gift at the World Shop is that you actually help people.

Librije's store for foodies

A dinner at Librije's might not quite fit the budget, but a treat from Librije's store might! Jonnie Boer was often asked by guests if they could not buy some jelly, jam or dressing as served at De Librije. This led to the opening of Librije's Shop in September 2005.

Librije's Winkel offers a wide range of pure and culinary products. All products are prepared or selected with love, knowledge and skill. The assortment includes: Original Spices by Jonnie Boer, Valderrama olive oil, wines, cookbooks and vinegar, mustard and oils from the Mix & Match line.

Librije's Winkel
Librije's Winkel

The Peanut Butter Shop in Zwolle

Opinions differ, but if you ask us, peanut butter is indispensable in the kitchen cupboard! The founders of the Pindakaaswinkel thought the same. Scattered all over the Netherlands you can find several Pindakaaswinkels. And you might have guessed it: we also have a Pindakaaswinkel in Zwolle! Are you buying gifts for a peanut butter lover? Then the Pindakaaswinkel in Zwolle definitely deserves a visit.

Or score the best pearls in a thrift store!

Looking for a truly original gift? Knock yourself out in a thrift store! Here you can find all kinds of pearls that might not even be available in the stores anymore. And how about an item that would be a lot more expensive if you bought it new? Plus, it's also super sustainable. With a beautiful item from the thrift store, you make people happy!

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