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Around February 14, you can't escape it: Valentine's Day. The stores are full of hearts and everything is under the sign of love. Would you like to surprise someone with a Valentine's Day gift but don't know how? We would like to give you some ideas.

Original valentine's gifts

On Valentine's Day, everything is about love. This moment is the perfect opportunity to put your partner or best friend in the spotlight. A small gesture can make all the difference, such as cooking someone's favorite dish or delivering breakfast in bed. Or you can make a nice present yourself. Not so creative? Then you can also buy something nice. We have made a list of creative and not-so-creative Valentine's Day gifts.

  • Print your favorite photos as a Polaroid at the Hema and hang the photos on a lamp garland.
  • Buy a delicious drink from your valentine's favorite country at the World Shop.
  • Follow the Bijzonder Culinair on Love Tour through Zwolle: a culinary route along six catering establishments in Zwolle and the surrounding area, exclusively to be ridden on February 13.
  • Organize a home spa with candles and bath salts from Jojo & Millows.
  • Buy an LP from your valentine's favo artist at Plato.
  • Love goes through the stomach. Cook a sumptuous dinner or prepare the other person's favorite food. For tasty ingredients, stop by Librije's store.
  • Make a photo book with all your favorite photos and write some nice text by hand.
  • Go to the sauna together at Sauna Swoll or book a massage at Oikoa massage boutique.
  • Buy a book by the other's favorite author at Van der Velde in de Broeren.
  • Organize a city walk along all kinds of places that you know the other person likes. For example, you can get a coffee at 't Konkeltje and get a tasty snack at De Gillende Keukenmeiden.

Valentine's Day](

Deliver a surprise on Valentine's Day

Won't you be with your big valentine on Valentine's Day? Then you can also have a nice surprise delivered and remotely put the other in the limelight. For example, you can write a nice letter for the other person in which you tell them what you like about them. Or design a card yourself with, for example, a nice picture of you together.

You can also have a nice bunch of flowers delivered. A card with a sweet message makes it even more personal. Support your locals and order these flowers from a local florist. Or order a nice gift at Moonloft. This store has home accessories, jewelry and clothing. Also at Pure Happiness Conceptstore you order the nicest things.

The nicest stores for a Valentine's Day gift

You can't escape it: around February 14, most stores are filled with hearts. But where do you actually go for the nicest Valentine's gifts? Zwolle has many unique stores where you can go like Bonbonnerie Borrel. Buy all kinds of delicious sweets. Here you will undoubtedly make the other happy if he or she has a sweet tooth.

The Engel Winkelcafé is also a store where you can succeed for a valentine's gift. The unique products in the store are fair trade, handmade by people with a distance to the labor market or recycled.

Want to buy a chic valentine's gift? Then drop by Juwelier Veenemans. In the atmospheric store you will be well advised, so you are sure to leave the premises with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

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