What to do on rainy days in Zwolle?

Indoor activities

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In the Netherlands, the summer weather can turn into thunderstorms and rain. Fortunately, you can find all kinds of covered activities in Zwolle so you can still have an unforgettable day and not be bothered by the rain. In fact, even if it doesn't rain you won't want to skip these activities.


Watching 3D in a 4DX theater at Pathé

4DX creates a movie experience how you've never experienced it before. Pathé Zwolle has a 4DX room that makes you feel as if you are part of the movie yourself. The special room has no less than 20 effects that are synchronized with the film. These include moving chairs, weather simulations and even smells. You will experience the story of the film even more intensely through these special effects. And then we haven't even talked about 3D yet. 4DX in combination with 3D makes you feel like you're playing a part in the movie yourself. Which 4DX movie in 3D will you go to?

The Great Escape

At The Great Escape in Zwolle tensions are running high and you and your team have to solve a mission. Choose from no less than three different indoor escape rooms. Is the weather still nice? Then you can also choose from three other escape rooms that take place (partially) outside. Some rooms even have actors in them, which means it no longer feels like a game, but as if you've landed in a bizarre story. The escape rooms vary in permitted ages and the number of people. This means that there is a suitable escape room for every group. Can you and your team solve the mission?

Theater Odeon and Theatre de Spiegel

In Zwolle you can find no less than 2 theaters: Schouwburg Odeon and Theater de Spiegel. Take a seat in one of the beautiful, authentic halls with red plush seats and be inspired and amused by one of the many programs offered by Odeon and De Spiegel. Theater, cabaret, music or dance: you've come to the right place in Zwolle. For the complete experience, book a dinner package before your performance begins. Or stay and chat over a drink.

Theater Odeon](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/101083-1503662736/C1360X620/odeon-hemminkzaal%402x.jpg)

Museum de Fundatie

If you're in Zwolle, you really shouldn't skip Museum de Fundatie. The exterior alone is worth a visit. The striking building is located in the center of Zwolle. On the roof of the building is a 'cloud' and is a real eye-catcher. From this 'cloud' you have a beautiful view over the city. Museum de Fundatie manages a collection of visual arts that visitors may admire. In addition, you can visit various exhibitions in the museum. The exhibitions in Museum de Fundatie are replaced once in a while by new exhibitions. Savings tip: on every Saturday evening in 2021 you can visit the museum in Zwolle absolutely for free!

Krazy Kangaroo Zwolle

On a rainy day, let yourself go wild at Krazy Kangaroo in Zwolle. Everyone from the age of two is welcome at Krazy Kangaroo. The youngest can take part in a special 'Kids Jump program'. But also the older sweaters are in the right place at Krazy Kangaroo Zwolle. Jump as high as you can on the trampolines and show each other the coolest tricks. Besides free jumping, Krazy Kangaroo even offers workouts for the sporty types among us.

Glow Minigolf

Go play a round of miniature golf on a rainy day in Zwolle. And not just any minigolf, but on a glow-in-the-dark minigolf course! While playing mini-golf you take a trip around the world, because this indoor golf course is located between the jungles and seas. This of course includes excotic animals and fish. The special golf courses contain challenging obstacles, so you have to work hard to hit a hole-in-one. For the optimal experience put on 3D glasses and imagine yourself in another world.

Glow golf](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/188138-1627984702/C1360X620/glowgolf+bowlenenzo+%282%29.jpg)

Relaxing at Sauna Swoll

Really relax at Sauna Swoll. Escape for a moment from the busy reality and drive to the sauna, surrounded by nature near Zwolle. Take a seat in one of the saunas or take a soothing dip in one of the pools or whirlpools. In the sunbathing area there are comfortable beds ready for you to rest for a while. For the complete experience, book a treatment, such as a massage or a luxurious beauty treatment. Sauna Swoll offers everything for a relaxing day where you can recharge your battery.

Sauna Swoll](https://www.touristserver.nl/img/133473-1559816679/C1360X620/SAUNA+SWOLL+.+Maaike_8074x.jpg)

A night out in Hedon

Music lovers beware: at Hedon you'll find weekly concerts and events in all genres. Visit a concert by a nationally known artist or discover an upcoming band. And what about the famous Single Party? Request your favorite single and let's go to the music together while reminiscing about the old days. Whether you like pop, classical, jazz, blues, techno or metal, at Hedon you will always find an event that suits your needs.

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