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Supping in Zwolle

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Looking for a fun activity in Zwolle on a hot summer day? Go supping in Zwolle. The canals of Zwolle seem to be made for it! Take a lap around the center and experience the coziness of the Hanseatic city or find peace and quiet by paddling a little away from the center.

Supping in the canals of Zwolle

Sup stands for Stand Up Paddle. You stand on a board, which looks like a surfboard, and you move around by using a paddle. In the summer you see many people paddling in Zwolle. It is a great activity to do with your friends, family or colleagues. Or just by yourself!

During the paddling in the canals of Zwolle you see many beautiful things. So you come across the Thorbeckegracht. On land you will see, among other things, the historic Wijndragerstoren where Café 't Beugeltje is located. If you're lucky, you can dock here for a refreshing drink.

During the paddling in Zwolle you will also pass Blue Bayou. This is the city beach of Zwolle. On a hot summer's day it's nice and crowded here. Some boats will moor here to enjoy the fun. Maybe you can enjoy a drink with your company after your session.

While paddling in the canals of Zwolle, you can also admire many historic warehouses. Dream away and fantasize that you live in such a house along the canal. Which house is your favorite?

In about 1.5 hours you make a tour of the canals. Look around you and who knows, you might spot Museum de Fundatie! Striking and really characteristic of this building is the special roof. You will also see many more beautiful buildings. And don't forget to have fun while discovering Zwolle from the water.

Suppen in de grachten van Zwolle
Suppen in de grachten van Zwolle

Rent a Sup

Renting a sup can be done in different places in Zwolle. Choose for yourself where you like to rent it. Maybe you have a preference for a starting point or you want to participate in an event for example.

You can rent a sup at Hiawatha Actief for 1.5 or 2.5 hours. At the foot of Museum de Fundatie Hiawatha has a jetty in the water. Here you can rent sloops, a BBQ boat, canoes, pedalos and also supboard. The dock is already located in the center of Zwolle, so you can immediately start with supboarding in Zwolle!

You can also rent a sup-board at the Blue Bayou Zwolle. Blue Bayou Zwolle organizes regular activities such as a Friday Night SUP, where you and a group of people explore the canals of Zwolle on a Friday night.

Surfing in the Zwolle area

Would you like to leave the bustling city to the tranquility of Zwolle? Of course you can. You can rent a sup-board at one of the rental points in Zwolle and then leave the center to discover the peaceful surroundings of Zwolle. For example, you can go on the Zwarte Water or towards the Almelose Canal. Suppen in Zwolle is very versatile so you can go in all directions.

You can also choose to rent a sup-board in the surroundings of Zwolle and start outside the center of Zwolle. Hiawatha Active does not only have a rental point for sup-boards in Zwolle, but also in Dalfsen. So are you looking for it more in a rural environment? Then you can go to the outdoor activity center on the Vecht.

Suppen in Zwolle area
Suppen in Zwolle area

Outdoor sports Zwolle: supping

Buitensport Zwolle is an outdoor sports company that organizes active group outings and events for groups and individuals since the year 2012. Between May and October Buitensport Zwolle rents out sup-boards.

In short: Suping in Zwolle is possible through several organizations. Choose yourself where you want to sup and where you rent your sup-board. But, do not forget to enjoy. Have fun already!

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