Local markets in Zwolle

Taste our regional products

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Taste the local produce of the Zwolle area by doing your shopping in local markets and farm stores. Good for the world and for local entrepreneurs. We tell you all about the local markets in Zwolle and where to find them.

Markets in Zwolle

As many as five days a week you can visit one of the six markets in Zwolle. These six markets can be found in various places in Zwolle. One market is even more extensive than the other. Browse around the market or look for your favorite local product. Either way: the enthusiastic merchants are happy to welcome you at their market stall.

Every Friday morning and Saturday, market vendors display their products in the center of Zwolle. You will find everything there: freshly baked bread, local vegetables, fried fish, the tastiest delicacies to accompany drinks and much more. Tip: on Fridays you will also find an organic market here.

On Tuesday afternoon the market awaits you at the Dobbe in the Aa-landen. All afternoon you can go here for local groceries. On Wednesday mornings market vendors display their wares for you at the Capellenstraat in Zwolle Zuid. On Thursdays you will find a market in Stadshagen, between 14:00 and 20:00. Make it a weekly outing and score fresh vegetables, bread, cheese and more at the market.

Market in Zwolle
Market in Zwolle

An overview of the markets

⏰ From 12:00 am - 5:00 pm | Market in the AA-landen, the Dobbe

From 8:30 am - 12:30 pm | Market in Zwolle South

⏰ From 13:00 hours - 20:00 hours | Market in Stadshagen

⏰ From 09:00 am - 6:00 pm | Petuniaplein Market↵. ⏰ From 08:00 am - 1:00 pm | Market in downtown Zwolle

⏰ From 08:30 hours - 17:00 hours | Market in the center of Zwolle

Local stores in Zwolle

Do you already know Uw Stadsboer? Uw Stadsboer makes a sustainable lifestyle a lot easier thanks to its range of sustainable and organic quality products. With a store in the heart of Zwolle, sustainable shopping becomes a lot easier for you too. You can find the store at the Thomas à Kempisstraat 45. Do you not live in the city, but in the Zwolle region? Then Uw Stadsboer will simply bring the groceries to your home.

You can also go to Zwolse Stadslanderijen for regional products. In fact, Zwolse Stadslanderijen is a collaboration between organic farmers in the urban outskirts of Zwolle. For vegetables, fruit, meat, milk, cheese, eggs and flowers you have come to the right place. You know exactly where your purchased product comes from. Take a look at the farms or visit one of the farm stores. Buying local produce has never been so much fun.

Nothing tastes better than fresh milk from the cow. At Erve Slendebroek you get fresh milk from healthy, grass-fed cows. Pure nature and very fresh. In Zwolle you can buy this at Jumbo Assendorp or simply at their own farm store at Kanaalweg 20. You can also go here for a good piece of cheese, butter, yogurt, custard and much more.

Near Zwolle, namely in Hattem, you will find Ijscowd. All year round you can come here for delicious ice cream made from the fresh milk of the cows on their farm. This is also the place to go for artisanal regional products. Tip: combine a visit to Ijscowd with a bicycle tour. Ijscowd is in fact an official Rest Point.


More great stores with local products

  • Country store the Huppe](https://dehuppe.nl/ ""), in their country store they sell their own organic cheeses. You can also find several local products from local entrepreneurs such as wine, beer and mustard.
  • The Neighbor]](https://debuurman.nu/lokale-helden/ "") sells fresh and local products and brands from local entrepreneurs they stand squarely behind.
  • The Red House](https://stadslanderijen.nl/het-rode-huis ""), is a self-serve store that includes a milk tap, eggs and cheese.
  • The Joy Farm](https://devreugdehoeve.nl/ ""), in addition to their restaurant, you'll find yogurt, kefir, cheeses and more in their store.
  • The Warmoezerij](https://www.dewarmoezerij.nl/ ""), sells its own harvested vegetables directly to consumers. The types of vegetables are seasonal.
  • Kaat's Greenhouse](https://www.dekasvankaat.nl/ ""), try the homemade jams or teas they sell in their store, among other things.
  • Hunter & Farmer](https://www.jagerenboer.nl/ ""), for all kinds of local meat, you've come to the right place. The company sources the meat from small-scale farmers around Zwolle.

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