Good intentions for 2022


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Do you come up with good intentions every year? Could you use some help with this? We like to think along with you. And we will give you tips on how to keep your resolutions. Have a happy New Year!

Good resolutions for 2022

Good resolutions: some people love them, others don't want to hear about them. The classics: exercise more, eat healthier, quit smoking, drink less alcohol and so on. Sufficient exercise and healthy food is of course very important for your health, but also to enjoy enough with the loved ones around you is very important. Extensive Friday afternoon drinks, cooking a multi-course dinner together or having lunch on the terrace when the sun is shining: this can also contribute to your happiness. Balance is the key to success, right? We would be happy to help you think of good intentions for 2022.

For example, go out for a long walk or a bike ride a little more often. Zwolle surrounds itself with the oldest polders of our country in the IJssel Delta, the peace and quiet of the Vecht Valley and the beautiful landscape of the Weerribben-Wieden. So you can enjoy nature during your cycling and/or walking route. Or stay in Zwolle and discover all the green the city itself has to offer: stroll through the parks in Zwolle.

Good intentions: doing nice things with people around you](

At the same time, take more time for quality time with the people you love, or get to know new people. On a sunny day, go for a spontaneous lunch at one of the terraces in Zwolle. And go into town for a free mibo. Or plan a high-tea at one of the hotspots in Zwolle with friends and girlfriends.

Keeping good resolutions

Keeping your resolutions is sometimes quite difficult. The old habits slowly but surely creep back in. A familiar example: in January the gym is incredibly busy, but gradually it becomes less so. Actually this can be explained if you look at how our brain works.

Psychologist Daniel Kahneman has written a worldwide bestseller called "Thinking Fast and Slow". In this book he describes that our brain consists of system 1 and system 2. Characteristics of system 1 are: fast, unconscious, automatic and effortless. System 1 covers as much as 98% of our thinking. Characteristics of system 2 are: slow, thoughtful and conscious, controlled and rational.

Good intentions: exercise more](

To make your good intentions for 2022 a great success, you should especially put system 2 to work. And think well what you can do when system 1 comes around the corner. And make the system 1 as difficult as possible by, for example, especially healthy snacks in the house (if eating healthy is a good intention of yours).

List of resolutions

Why not make a list of resolutions in the form of a bucket list? That way you can tick off what you've already had and subconsciously work on your resolutions. We'll help you with some fun ideas!

  • Feel like actually plopping down on the couch after a day of work? Put on your coat and take a city walk through Zwolle. Although it's hard to get yourself to do, this can be incredibly energizing!
  • Organize a high tea for you and your friends at Villa Suikerberg.
  • Get on your bike for a Hanzerondje that takes you along the varied river landscape in the IJssel delta between the two historic Hanseatic cities of Hasselt and Zwolle and take a look in the center of Hasselt.
  • On a sunny day, pay a visit to De Gillende Keukenmeiden for a delicious lunch.
  • In need of a challenge? Cycle the Vechtdalroute of no less than 229 kilometers. Combine this with an overnight stay along the way.
  • On a sunny day, go picnicking in Park de Wezenlanden or one of the other parks in Zwolle. You probably won't be the only one, which actually just makes it cozy!
  • Order an extensive brunch or lunch at Bij Hartje Zwolle. Feast your eyes!

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