Theater Gnaffel

Mimosastraat 1 8013 SB Zwolle

The Gnaffel theater company from Zwolle makes performances in which human-sized dolls magically come to life. The puppets stand alongside the actors on stage as equivalent characters.

Artistic director Elout Hol has developed a distinctive and individual acting method and theatrical language: passion and intimacy are characteristic of the performances. Gnaffel is idiosyncratic, imaginative, poetic and full of humour. The quality of the company is increasingly recognized: 'The book of all things' was included by TM Theatermaker in the top 5 best youth theatre performances of 2009/10. In 2006 Gnaffel received the Silver Cricket and in 2007 the Golden Cricket, the honorable awards from the Dutch Association of Theatres and Concert Halls for the most impressive youth theater productions.