Girls weekend in Zwolle


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It's time again for your annual friends weekend! Or maybe even your first girlfriends weekend. Either way, the Netherlands has enough places for you to make memories you'll never forget. Drinking cocktails in the bar, shopping until you drop, a visit to the sauna, a luxurious 3-course dinner or cycling through nature: it's all possible in Zwolle.

Night away with your girlfriends

A night away with your girlfriends is one of the best things to do together. By taking a break you really get to spend some quality time together. Chatting about anything and everything and laughing until you drop. Just the anticipation is fun.

"Where are we going?" and "What do we want to do?" are questions you ask yourself in advance. You can take the plane (or the train or bus) to a foreign country, but you can also stay here in the Netherlands. It depends on your budget and your wishes. If you want to go away for one night during your girlfriends weekend, then it timewise might be more convenient to stay in the Netherlands. And then that's also nice for your wallet.

Girls weekend in the Netherlands

One of the nicest things that exist: girlfriend weekend! But where do you go in the Netherlands? Our own country has enough nice places where you and your girlfriends can have fun. Would you like to go on a citytrip or do you like to look for nature together? It's all possible in the Netherlands. A girlfriends weekend in the Netherlands saves a lot of traveling (and therefore money).

Many hotels in the Netherlands regularly have special offers and promotions, so you can stay for an attractive price including dinner and breakfast. You and your friends can also rent a group accommodation with a kitchen so you can cook, have drinks and breakfast together.

Fun city for girls weekend

If you have decided that you want to stay in the Netherlands, it is time to choose a nice city for your girlfriends weekend. Cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht are very popular for city trips, but you can also choose a city in the other corner of the Netherlands. How about Zwolle?

Girls weekend in Zwolle

Zwolle is a vibrant Hanseatic city and of course we are fans! In the center of Zwolle with a star-shaped city canal you can walk, shop, eat and visit cultural hotspots for hours. Trendy coffee bars, modern art and hospitable and down-to-earth people will make you feel right at home. But there is more. You'll find beautiful parks in Zwolle where you can take lovely walks and interesting museums where you can learn all about the history of Zwolle or about modern art. Be sure not to skip Museum de Fundatie.

What to do during a weekend away with girlfriends?

What kinds of things can you do during a weekend away with a girlfriend? You've just read some ideas, but we have many more tips in store for you. For example, Dogtails definitely deserves a visit. The bar is known for its good cocktails and fancy hot dogs. A unique combination, but you immediately experience why it is such a hit. Are you in the mood for a spontaneous cocktail tour? Then you should also stop by The Dublin House. It is located opposite The Refter, a specialty beer bar where you can order delicious snacks.

If you want to unwind during your girlfriends weekend, you should stop by massage boutique Oikoa. As soon as you step inside Oikoa you find yourself in an environment where peace and relaxation are key. This is partly due to the use of beautiful round shapes and natural materials in the interior. After your visit to this massage boutique you will leave as reborn. Just outside the city you will find Sauna Swoll, where you can also escape from reality.

Vintage shopping during weekend break with girlfriends](

Also for the most special stores you are in Zwolle to the right place during your girlfriends weekend. The chain stores that you probably know, you can find mainly in the Diezerstraat. If you are looking for the more unknown stores, hip concept stores and luxury boutiques you have to go to the Luttekestraat, Melkmarkt and Oude Vismarkt. And do not forget the Sassenstraat, this shopping street is in the top 10 of nicest shopping streets in the Netherlands. Also for vintage shopping Zwolle is the place to be.

Girlfriends weekend: the best tips

Booking a girlfriends weekend can be a bit chaotic. Especially if you are with a large group of friends. One wants this and the other wants that. You probably know it with your girlfriends. Therefore we have a few tips to make booking your girlfriends weekend a little easier!

  • Plan a date well in advance so everyone can keep it free, maybe you can even plan an annual fixed date!
  • Decide how long your girlfriends weekend is going to be: are you going to have one night away or would you rather have two or three nights?
  • Choose one or two people who will take the lead in organizing your weekend away with girlfriends. This will help you avoid chaos.
  • Do you like surprises? Then let one or two people organize it and don't let them say anything about the weekend until it starts.
  • Find out in advance which activities you want to do. Some activities require reservations and by doing this well in advance you avoid disappointment.
  • The most important thing of all is to have a lot of fun together!

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