City walk in Zwolle

Discover the vibrant Hanseatic city your way!

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During a city walk in Zwolle you will discover what the Hanseatic city has to offer. Walk a culinary route with friends and taste the most delicious snacks of the city. Or follow a walking route via an app and come along the most beautiful places of Zwolle. Whatever city walk you follow, you will get to know the city in a new way.

City walk through the Hanseatic city of Zwolle

City walk Zwolle]( On the internet you can find city walks in all shapes and sizes in different cities. So too in Zwolle. During a city walk in Zwolle you get to know Zwolle in a way that suits you. Choose, for example, for a city walk along places of interest and learn all about the Peperbus, Sassenpoort, the historic city walls and more. Or go for a culinary walk and discover where you can taste the most delicious flavors of Zwolle.

Walking routes Zwolle

In Zwolle you can find dozens of mapped out walking routes. These mapped out walking routes all pass different places. Choose for example for a city walk in Zwolle where you discover the historic center. This walking route in Zwolle starts and ends at the station. That's ideal if you come by public transport to the bustling Hanseatic city. Then you will walk along the Grote of St. Michaƫlskerk. Also, the route runs through the shopping street of Zwolle and you will pass the Sassenpoort, the Broerenkerk, the Thorbeckegracht and many more beautiful places that you should not miss. Along the way there are plenty of options to grab a bite to eat somewhere.

City walk with guide

Via the site Zwolle met gids you can find your ideal guided city walk. From a literary walk to a fortress walk, anything is possible.

City walk Zwolle through an app

Nowadays there is an online app for almost everything. So too for the best walks. Ideal, because you download an app and there is (for a small fee) a walk ready for you. An example of such an app is Walk the City. On this app you will find a walk called 'Bolwerk Zwolle'. During this walk you will learn how Zwolle originated and you will pass all kinds of structures from the 14th and 15th centuries. Think of old city gates and walls and beautiful churches. This walk will bring you and your walking companions to hidden places, where you would otherwise not easily come.

City walk along the Thorbeckegracht](

Another unique city walk in Zwolle via an app is called '(Un)visible Zwolle'. During this interactive walk you walk a mapped out route through the city center of Zwolle. By means of the accompanying app you will discover the stories behind the various locations in the inner city through 360 degree photos and videos. A unique way to learn all about Zwolle, because you see the invisible during the walk. Are you curious? Then take a look at the website and watch a number of videos and 360 degree photos.

But many other apps offer city walks through Zwolle. So you will also find at Routabel walking routes through the Hanseatic city. You choose from several routes, depending on the length you want to walk. For example, choose a route of 2 kilometers, 3 kilometers or more. Each route passes different places. Where one route focuses more on the history of the city, another route focuses on a different subject. At Routabel you are also at the right place for bicycle tours in Zwolle!

Audio Tour through Zwolle

Festival Het Tussenland wants to make the culture and history of Zwolle visible, show its richness, dig up stories of international stature from those diverse and yet so intertwined areas. Showing the heritage to anyone who wants to feel connected. Walk, cycle or drive with your route on your phone and your earphones in and learn more about the history of Zwolle, from Thomas a Kempis to Opgezwolle.

City walk through Zwolle from ANWB

The city walk through Zwolle by ANWB is a popular walking route to walk. You can follow this walking route via the free ANWB Eropuit App. Along the way, the map shows you exactly where you are, so getting lost is not an option. You walk through ancient streets and narrow alleys. The history of Zwolle is clearly visible during this city walk. But also the contemporary liveliness of the city can be seen. You walk along bustling terraces and you come along all kinds of nice stores. On the way you can make a stop at Museum de Fundatie, where you can admire a collection of visual arts. Is the weather nice? Then try an ice cream at one of the best ice cream parlors in Zwolle: IJssalon Salute. But even when the weather is not so good, this ice cream is worth tasting.

Museum de Fundatie](

City walk in Zwolle with food

Fan of food? Then combine a city walk in Zwolle with good food. That is possible with the SmaakRoute door Zwolle. During this walk you walk along the most delicious stores of Zwolle and you can taste something everywhere. In addition, the shopkeepers will give you something to put in your goodie bag. So you can enjoy the wonderful walk at home. You can book this package with a group of 8 or more. So drum up your friends, family or colleagues!

Culinary walks through Zwolle

During a culinary walk through Zwolle, you will get to know the 'tastiest' places in the Hanseatic city. We just wrote that SmaakRoute Zwolle organizes walks for groups of 8 or more, but every second Saturday of the month there is also the Open SmaakRoute. During the Open SmaakRoute you can also walk the SmaakRoute with a smaller group or just the two of you. Taste all kinds of new flavors at six culinary stores during this city walk in Zwolle.

The screaming kitchen maids in Zwolle](

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