Christmas vacation tips!

Activities in the Hanseatic City

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Are you, despite all measures, still looking for a special activity for Christmas? In the Hanseatic city of Zwolle, for example, you can discover the Lichtbeeldenroute or take an audio tour. Check out many great Christmas vacation tips here!

What to do over the Christmas vacations?

Keeping the kids entertained for a few weeks during their Christmas break can be quite a challenge. Despite Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations, there are still a few days to fill. There are many activities in Zwolle where the kids will jump in the air. So you also have a little vacation.

Zwolle offers some nice audiotours, definitely interesting to do. The festival platform Zwolle Unlimited has, especially in the corona period, focused on creating theatrical storytelling tours that you can walk through your smartphone. For this you can download the app 'voicemap' and go on your way! For example, for the younger audience there is 'the pine tree that wanted to be big' or 'Nemia - the girl without hands'. But there are also some for the older ages to choose from, such as 'The White Weave Ghost Tour' or 'The Bleeding Swan'.

Christmas in Zwolle](

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have lunch or dinner at a restaurant during this time. Nevertheless, after all the press conferences, measures and lockdowns, the hospitality industry is incredibly flexible and is rowing with the oars they have. At many restaurants in Zwolle it is therefore possible to pick up an extensive Christmas lunch or culinary Christmas dinner. This way you support the hospitality industry in these crazy times and still have a small party at home. For example, get your Christmas dinner at Bij Broeders or at Humphrey's Zwolle.

Day out at Christmas

During the Christmas period, the days are shorter and the temperatures lower. You might stay home sooner than in the summer. Nevertheless, it is wise to get some fresh air every now and then and go out. Chances are that you will find a lot of nice sights in Zwolle! Of course there is plenty to see in this city with history, apart from the Christmas decorations. Take a look at the Sassenpoort: a city gate that can be considered the main remnant of Zwolle's medieval walls. Or walk past the special museum de Fundatie. The museum is unfortunately closed due to the measures, but the building in which the museum is located is alone worth the effort.

At Christmas, a Christmas tree with lights can not be missed. It is not to be missed in the center of Zwolle. There is a (literal) big reveal with an illuminated tree of no less than eighteen meters high on the Grote Markt. This brings a cozy atmosphere in the ancient center of the Hanzestad during your walk or shopping trip.

Theater de Spiegel](

A route where you can also admire lights is via the Thorbeckegracht to Theater De Spiegel. You walk along the old city wall and nicely decorated boats. Cross the Pelserbrugje bridge and within a few minutes you are at the theater! Theater de Spiegel is beautifully lit and that's not a coincidence. There is a beautiful thought behind it. The motto is: on a brighter future for the city, together. Of course in a responsible way with sustainable LED lighting.

Where to in Zwolle at Christmas?

These days we spend much more time at home than we used to. It may not feel like a real vacation anymore. However, you can spoil yourself during the Christmas period. Leave all your tasks for what they are and go out together.

A nice coronaproof activity is the Lichtbeeldenroute in Zwolle. From December 13 to January 30, 2022, you can take the route. There are two different routes to follow. Route one starts at the Grote Kerk, the second route starts at De Librije. The name says it all: both routes contain all kinds of light images. And not just any light sculptures, but real eye-catchers. For example the Magic Colouring Balls or Little Golden Teddy. The map can be found here online, but if you like to look at the route on paper, they can be picked up at het Zwolse Balletjeshuis, Van der Velde in de Broeren and Bilderberg Grand Hotel Wientjes.

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