Go-carting in Zwolle

3,2,1, GO!

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Are you a real kart enthusiast or adrenaline junkie and do you want to race safely? Visit a go-kart track in Zwolle! We've listed the different go-kart tracks in Zwolle for you. Challenge your friends, family or colleagues and come carting in Zwolle!

Karting in Zwolle

Would you like to organize an unforgettable team outing, bachelor party or day out? Go karting on one of the karting tracks in Zwolle! With karting, you compete against each other in the so-called karts and you have to drive the track as fast as possible. There are several karting tracks in Zwolle to find, both indoor and outdoor. You can also combine a visit to the karting track Zwolle often well with another activity, such as laser gaming, virtual reality and bowling. This adrenaline-enhancing activity guarantees an unforgettable adventure!

Indoor Go-kart track in Zwolle

The newest kart track in Zwolle is Kobalt. This kart track Zwolle is located in the famous IJsselhallen. In the fully electric karts you race over a track of 380 meters long. No roaring engines and no smell, but a very fast experience thanks to the brand new e-karts. The karts all start with a basic speed and every lap you complete in a fast time, your speed increases. Cool!

Indoor kart track Zwolle
Indoor kart track Zwolle

Good to know is that the karts are adjusted for age and level. This makes karting super safe and also suitable for children from 7 years of age. A heat takes about 10 minutes and gives you the chance to show your friends who the real racer is. With Kobalt's karting discount, you can challenge your friends a time or two (or maybe more) after the first heat!

At this karting track Zwolle, you can choose from different packages, so that your outing will be perfect. Besides karting, you can also try out one of the various VR experiences. Imagine yourself in the world of virtual reality and hunt for zombies, go back in time or go looking for The Mole in New Zealand. This unique experience is a really cool addition to karting in Zwolle.

Outdoor go-carting in Zwolle

Karting Zwolle
Karting Zwolle

Karting Zwolle can also be done at Kartcentrum Zwolle. This outdoor karting track brings out the real Max Verstappen in you! After a takeover in 2020, the karting track Zwolle is completely renovated. The track is over 540 meters long and with a pit lane, FIA starting lights and 15 challenging corners, you can get a real racing experience here. Because you are racing in the open air, it is guaranteed to be an impressive race.

This kart track Zwolle is also very suitable if you want to go karting with a large group. So you can go karting with a group of more than 20 people at Kartcentrum Zwolle. Various teams compete against each other and fight for the title. Put on your helmet, racing suit and let's race!

Karting in the surroundings of Zwolle

Also in the vicinity of Zwolle are several places to be found, where you can kart. ZERO55 in Apeldoorn is one of them. You can reach this karting track within half an hour's drive from Zwolle. Unique to this karting track near Zwolle is the combination of indoor and outdoor racing. Every lap you tear through the open air. You can also combine an afternoon of karting with another activity, such as laser tag, bowling and virtual reality. If you're looking for an adventurous activity, this is highly recommended!

Karting Zwolle
Karting Zwolle

Another karting track near Zwolle is Kartplaza Actionworld. This kart track in Nijverdal has one of the longest indoor kart circuits in Europe. With the super fast kart you will race over this 850 meter long kart track. Challenge your friends, colleagues or family members and show the racer in you! Besides karting, at Kartplaza Ationworld you can also play laser tag, paintball and try to escape from an escaperoom. Have fun and race safely!

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